Sometimes the most unlikely feature can become something to flex your creative muscles with. A kitchen backsplash is the section of wall behind your cooking area, the small section between your kitchen countertop and your cabinets. Tiny, but functionally very important because this is the area that’s going to face all the fumes from your cooking, oil splatters, spills and smoke. You want a material that can take the heat, so to speak. So what are your options, what are the pros and cons and how can all this be kept in mind along with style and design? We’re here to help!



Typically, there are three kinds of material used for kitchen back splash:

  • Lacquered glass
  • Tiles
  • Granite


In addition to these, some people also use marble, but this isn’t used to much in Indian homes. Indian cooking is often heavy, using coloured ingredients like haldi, chilli powder or mustard oil, that easily stain the surface of marble.



Lacquered Glass

(L) Design by HCP Interior Architecture (R) Design by Anmol Decore


The most expensive of backsplash options, lacquered glass is made by layering clear glass with coloured lacquer on one side. This combines the shine of glass with the colour of lacquer giving you a beautiful way to add colour to your kitchen in a contemporary style – bold single colours, rather than patterns.

Keep in mind though, that if you are likely to do a lot of heavy and high-heat cooking, glass tends to heat up easily and may crack at high temperatures!


Design by Xcube Interiors


A minor change – using frosted instead of clear glass – can also give a really interesting look!



(L) Home of Neeti Chaudhry (R) Home of Amit Sebastian


Tiles are the most commonly used for backsplashes in India. They are low maintenance and resistant to heat; just a wipe with a soapy sponge will wipe away stains and oil spills easily! They are economical and allow for many different kinds, colours and patterns. Messing with designs and colours will let you go desi, tribal or all out whacky if you like!


Design by Welfurn


Consider matching the tile colour to compliment the floor or the wall above to get an overall feel to your kitchen that makes the whole space more cohesive.



Home of Joseph Jayachandran


Like tiles, granite is also low maintenance, can handle the heat and is easy to clean. The look, however, tends towards the rustic, ethnic home. Midway in price range between lacquered glass and tile, granite is available in a number of colours and grains, and can look really beautiful in a kitchen especially if countertop and backsplash are made of the same material and colour!


Mix And Match!

Design by Welfurn


Sometimes a combination can work wonders for a design! Mix a patterned tile with a granite countertop and let your kitchen space just come alive!



Anything – small, large, obvious or innocuous – can be a design element. Don’t shy away from trying new things even with the smallest of spaces; it can make a world of a difference to the look of a space! Watch this space for more design ideas and don’t forget to share the love!