The most we see of balconies are when people on TV sit on their balcony sipping coffee while it rains – underrated, to say the least. There are so many ways to do them up so that it becomes a little sanctuary within your home. Balconies are fun to design, and here are our favourite ideas to get you inspired!


Wood Works Best!

Designed by Fold Design


You can never go wrong with wood. Lay your balcony floor with wooden planks, add some gorgeous green plants, and get a feel of being one with nature. Keep in mind though: wood and water don’t work well together. To protect your floor from water damage, find a way to create a covering – a skylight, a false ceiling, frosted or fibreglass.
Large glass doors are a great way to make your balcony look more spacious. Do it up with wooden furniture, an egg chair swing, a little bar in the corner and some subtle lights and you’ve got yourself the complete package!


Lounge Love

Design by Eb + D


If your balcony is big and spacious, turn it into a lounge area! Use neutral tiles in combination with furniture of contrasting colours, preferably the type that can be easily cleaned. Replaceable cushions, smooth furniture, glass tables, and stone benches are the way to go. Add some brilliant lights, a few glasses of wine, and good company to the equation and you’ve got yourself a great looking balcony!


Narrow? No worries!

(1) Home of Deepak Kaicker (2) Design by My Sunny Balcony (3) Design by Studio Zero9

Narrow balconies are very rarely experimented with. Make a narrow passageway look larger and more spacious by using glass doors and light coloured tiles. Use patio furniture to help turn your balcony into a cozy seating area. To add a splash of colour and an essence of freshness, try different coloured potted plants on your balcony as well. Check out My Sunny Balcony for some cool balcony garden ideas! Who says a small space has no potential?


Brick Brilliance

Home of Meeta Walavalkar


Exposed brick walls are an all time favourite! Installing brick walls in your balcony is always going to be a good idea. Combine that with a thatched roof, some beautiful furniture and you have a traditional, rustic sanctuary in your own home. The best part about exposed brick walls are that you can create some really pretty geometric patterns on the walls. If it’s all looking too brown, you can go the extra mile and add that splash of colour by creating a mosaic on the floor or by using broken tiles of different colours!



Coloured pots, mosaics, bricks, tiles, the number of ways to do up your balcony are endless! Hope this post inspired you to design your own balcony. Get to designing and watch this space for more design inspiration!