Do your utensils fall often from their nesting place? Do you find it difficult to pull out a pan without getting a few others to tumble down? Don’t blame small spaces, because clever organizing can turn a 10 by 10 feet kitchen into a place you’d love to cook up a storm.

Take a look at these simple kitchen utensil storage solutions that you can easily implement – even in the smallest of spaces.

Peg Boards or Perforated Hardboards

This is my ultimate go to organizing tool. Pegboards are cheap, versatile and can be used in the kitchen in several ways when it comes to storage. Store pans and pots, colanders, add a post it, hang ladles and a kitchen cloth – it’s a genius hardware. To install, you will need to drill a few holes in your wall. With the help of screws, wall mount the pegboard. Next, add hooks through the tiny pegs or holes and hang your utensils. As simple as writing 1-2-3. Here’s the instruction, should you be interested to try it out.

In India, you will find it by the name of perforated hardboard and you can order here.

Curtain Rods or Range Rods

This year, think repurposing! Use up left over curtain rods or range rods to make a functional kitchen storage. Attach holders on each side as you would while installing curtain rods, add hooks and hang ladeles, whisks and graters. If you wish, you can have multiple, parallel installations to hang your pots and pans as well! As a matter of fact, you can also use these to hold your aluminum foil and baking paper. Here is how I did them!

Group them in Baskets

Changes in the kitchen are not on your card? Reorganize your utensils in baskets. Group handled pots in one and plain in the other. Dedicate a basket to small kitchen electronics and one to plates and bowls. Other than keeping them all over the place, if you group them in baskets, you will need to pull the basket to get all you want. Today, there are several attractive options in baskets and they look beautiful too! The image above shows how a small kitchen has been organized with baskets like a pro!

Open Shelving

You know, a super easy way of bringing in some organization and style to your kitchen is by installing open shelves. Open shelving creates space by utilizing the vertical space, makes your kitchen look taller and gives you easy access to your kitchen utensils and essentials. You don’t have to go for something expensive – get wall brackets that you would generally buy for making bookshelves and add planks on top. When I was staying in my tiny flat, this is how I changed my kitchen with open shelves.

Wire Basket wall storage

Another easy, inexpensive and stylish idea for kitchen organization is incorporating wire baskets. From chipped vintage looking ones to shiny chrome ones: wire baskets are in, they look oh-so-stylish and they can be used wall mounted or as a plain basket depending upon the space and use. Take a look at this wall mount wire baskets that hold everyday things in this kitchen!

And so, it’s done! Easy kitchen storage solutions. Do let us know if you try these :)
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