Whether it is to freshen ourselves up for a great day ahead, come back home to a relaxing shower, or just to stand in front of the mirror to give ourselves that extra dose of motivation, a bathroom is a space we spend a significant amount of time.

Why then do a lot of us have bathrooms that are the exact opposite of fresh, relaxing and cheerful? So what if that is how the bathroom was made or if the tiles are boring or if it is a small space? There are always pocket-friendly and time-friendly ways to brighten up a bathroom!


#1 Magic Mirrors

(1) Home of Manpreet Khurana (2) Home of Mahesh Manohar (3) Design by GC Design Studio


The one thing that’s noticed the most and used the most in a bathroom is a mirror. With a wide variety of bath mirrors available these days, you can choose a mirror with frames in wood or metal, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, buy a simple mirror and do up the frame with shells, wood shavings, twigs, or anything else that catches your fancy!


#2 Lights & Fragrances

(1) Home of Manpreet Khurana (2) Image Source: Pinterest


One of the easiest ways to add a dash of freshness to your bathroom is with aroma candles and diffusers. Available in many different fragrances and styles, diffusers will keep your bathrooms smelling great throughout the day. Or light up some aroma candles that will also add a bit of mood lighting to your bathroom!


#3 Flora & Flora

(1) Design by Ostraca (2) Design by Spasm Design Architects


Keeping small planters or a flower vase can dramatically improve the mood of your bathroom by adding a dash of colour and life! Remember to be careful in case of glass vases. Don’t keep them in a place where you might accidently hit them.


#4 Framed Art

(1) Design by Ram Gupta Architects (2) Home of Gunjan Mohanka


From a motivational poster to a drawing made by your kid, get anything framed and put it up in your bathroom. Or a quick online search will show you hundreds of options of fun, quirky framed artworks that you can easily hang. All you need is wall without tiles and a nail!


#5 Or Pretty Much Anything

Design by Spasm Design Architects


There are a lot of small things that make up your bathroom. From a bath mat and shower curtains to towel holders and magazine racks (for those who spend more time), you can get innovative and find unique alternatives.



So you see, it is not that difficult to spruce up your bathrooms. Try some of these ways and feel the difference in your mood, and maybe even your life!