There will always be that special painting to display on a wall in your living room, those superhero posters in the kids’ rooms or that collection of photographs to frame and display. But what else can you do on a wall – unique, eye-catching and beautiful? Here are Houzify’s top 5 picks for creative wall art designs!

Anutham did up this bedroom wall with a stylised tree. Notice the delicate flowers, the curly ends of the branches and the camouflaged wildlife here and there! Any number of customized decals like this are available online, for you to jazz up a bedroom wall. Give it a try!

Alanya and Anutham - edit

Here’s a bold design for a living room by Fasana Alisha. Crafted in metal, this large shell and fluttering butterflies pattern instantly catches the eye. And the backlighting is just icing on the cake. What a conversation piece!

Fasana - edit

We just loved these wall dividers by Fulcrum Studio! Two simple wall-to-ceiling dividers used as a canvas for abstract paintings brighten up this elegant room without taking it over completely. Gorgeous!

Fulcrum - edit

This wall art is perfect for a kid’s study corner. MuseLAB combined a wall sticker with actual shelves made inside the wall to create a unique bookshelf! Top it off with a cheerful wall clock and your child will have a room that makes homework just a tad less painful!

Muselab - edit

Who says wall art is only for bedrooms and living rooms? SM Studio went all out with this bathroom wall. We loved the colours against the black tile that made the whole room come alive! And just by the way, the pattern is made by the actual names of the colours printed over and over! Kudos!

SM Studio - edit

Do you have a wall art design to share with Houzify? Download our app and create a collection to share with us! And if you’re looking for a wall artist for yourself, don’t forget to get in touch with us for recommendations!