Hosting a Christmas party? Get inspired by these 5 easy holiday table ideas that’ll make your table sparkle and your party unforgettable!

Go rustic with a Woodland theme






















Rustic as a style is 100% unpretentious in its roots, organic in textures and shapes, and exudes a natural warmth that takes you straight to the lap of nature. To set a rustic Christmas table, get the outside indoors. Use a beautifully weathered, bleached wooden table, leafy twigs as place card holders with crates and candles as the centerpiece. To further accentuate this outdoor-inspired theme, you can bring in a bench instead of individual chairs and natural, unpainted terracotta planters to display as centerpiece.

Traditional is Classic!

When in doubt, stick to the classics. It’s true that you can never go wrong with red, white and green at Christmas time, but never overdo it. If you want to have a table that is worthy of a party, here’s how to set a perfect classic Christmas table.






















Get inspired by this beautiful classic table which incorporates red, white and brass in a breathtaking tablescape. Note how mute reds have been used over bright, and have been kept to about 30% of the table décor. The trick is to think details when it comes to bold colours. Keep colours to 60% white, 20% green, 15% red and 5% metallic – be it gold or silver.

Vintage Glam

If you want to throw a party that mimics the maximalist glam era, take cues from this little snippet. The key to any glam party is pops of metallic and bright colours, and this has it all! Look how the quintessential evergreen is replaced by a glamorous silver faux tree, which is further jeweled to elevate the glam effect. For floral arrangement, the stylist has used vintage ice cream cups and small crowns as place cards to complete the look.

Shabby Chic & Citrus






















Now, this bit is my personal style! Shabby chic refers to a style that incorporates a healthy dose of a muted colour palette, with just a pop of colour, everyday fabric and elements that primarily look lived in. But don’t underestimate it for its simple wants because the result can be stunning!

Bring in a classy twist with zesty orange hues that complement the frosty greens and dark reds perfectly. Fill an enamelware bowl with oranges, preferably with leaves attached, and stack it on full and quarter plates. Add a grain sack runner and you are done. Perfect for your Christmas breakfast, laid back luxe at its best!

Country style plaid

Plaid and Christmas are synonymous. There is something about tartan fabric that instantly takes us to wintry days, country air and grandma’s kitchen. To recreate the magic, here’s a bit of inspiration.

The beautiful tartan drapes the table in a simple yet sophisticated fashion and an unpretentious leafy runner with lights, usher in the Christmas spirit. From handwritten cards to big sleigh bells – everything in this setting exudes warmth and comfort!

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Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas filled with laughter and fun!