There was a time in Bangalore, not so long ago, when one could live in an apartment building, on the top floor and look out from your terrace onto a sea of greenery. Not so common anymore, is it? Today, most of us have to choose between living in the middle of an ever-expanding concrete jungle, or living way too far from the conveniences of the city. But we’ve noticed that many homeowners nowadays are trying different, creative ways to include some greenery in their home. Better something than nothing, right?

Here are our top 5!




1) Gunjan’s Living Room Planter: Simple, and straightforward, but we loved how this single planter lit up this spacious living room. Watered every alternate day, taken out into the sun every two weeks or so, this is an easily added splash of greenery.




2) Anirban and Soni’s Terrance Wall Planters: This couple, lamenting the loss of the very green view from their terrace over the last decade, got My Sunny Balcony to brighten up their terrace with these colourful wall planters.



(L) Creepers on Nirmala’s skylight ceiling (R) Embellished cabinet top


3) Nirmala’s Subtle Creepers: These low-maintenance beauties grow up walls, around pillars, or over meshes in different parts of the house. A couple of them gently hanging in the corner could be just the green touch you were looking for!


4) Lata’s Cabinet Crowning: Although these aren’t real, they could have been. Several forms of Cactus or desert flowers grow in even low light and require very little water. Use some of those to embellish the top of a cabinet, cupboard or niche.




5) Pamella’s Bottle Planters: Got any old liquor bottles lying around? How’s this for a creative way to use them? Fill them up with water and these plants just take care of themselves! How have you used greenery in your home?



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