Does your kitchen seem smaller after construction than it did on the drawing board? Do you feel cramped, and find that you’re always running out of space? No one likes to feel confined, especially in a room as vital as your kitchen. But don’t worry, you can still make your kitchen space look spacious without remodeling it. Here are a few ideas to help create an impression of a bigger kitchen space.


Use Lighter Colours


Painting your kitchen in dark colours tends to make a room seem gloomy and small, while lighter, lively colours will help to open up the space and feel as large as possible. In these kitchen designs by Urban Ladder and in the home of Giles Knapton, the green and white walls make the kitchens look brighter, cheerful and spacious.




If you’re the quintessential pack rat, accumulating too many things over a period of time can be a problem. Not only is it difficult to keep things tidy but it also increases the chances that you’ll forget things that are there and they’ll go bad and just occupy space for no reason. Try to have a specific place for different cateogories of things – spices, condiments, utensils etc. Also try to avoid installing too many cabinets in your kitchen – especially those that come with large, ornate handles. These designs by Karighars and HomeLane makes the best of this idea by installing long cabinets with parallel handles that help the kitchen look longer.



Use Shiny Surfaces


Just as reflective mirrors help in giving a room depth, shiny surfaces such as stainless steel, high-gloss laminate and glass tiles also do the trick. Check out how this kitchen designed by Wright Inspires uses a shiny countertop and tiled floor to reflect light giving the illusion of a larger space. Add some glossy cabinets, like in the kitchen by HCP Interior and you’ve got yourself a winner!


Widen with Stripes


Just as clothing with horizontal stripes can make a person look wider, they can also make rooms look larger. Whether it is striped flooring, ceilings or even accessories like a striped rug, it will appear to stretch the existing kitchen space. 25 Mulberry’s kitchen design uses a single stripe running through both the upper and lower cabinet helping to make the kitchen look roomy. The thin stripe on the walls of Pamella Kapoor’s kitchen offers a minimalistic approach to the same idea.


Welcome The Light


Allowing natural light into any room opens automatically makes it look larger. Big windows are the best way to do this, but if there isn’t too much flexibility with the number or size of windows in your kitchen, use sheer window blinds or remove any opaque covering from your existing windows. If you want to get really adventurous, consider installing a skylight! Snehal Pawar’s kitchen allows a lot of light into her kitchen making it look airy and spacious as does the kitchen designed by Etendre.




We hope these ideas help you utilise the space in your kitchen in a way that makes it look more spacious! Share your thoughts, ideas and questions with us, and watch this space for more!