Many of us buy rugs to add more personality to our interiors, but not many know that rugs were traditionally woven in such a way that it tells a story. Pondicherry based Lalit Verma, Founder and Director of Aurodhan Art Gallery, compiled ‘Woven Memories’, where traditional rugs of Baluch, Persian, Anatolian, Caucasian and Kurdish origin dating from the 19th and early 20th Century brought together the history of the people who wove those carpets.




As tribal weavers were nomadic, they often migrated due to climatic change and as a result the carpets that they wove were a master piece of diverse ethnicities, tribal lifestyles and indigenous customs.



The ’71 Rare Carpets’ exhibit were a combined effort of two couples who are avid art collectors. Daya and Anil Menon who have collected several Baluchi weaves and Danny and his wife Renuka who have collected rare tribal carpets from exhibits in US, Europe and India.




The ‘Stories Through Tribal Carpets’ themed exhibition was inaugurated by Dr.Kiran Bedi, Lt. Governor of Pondicherry and Dr. Karan Singh. The exhibition is on from the 9th of September to 15th October at Aurodhan Art Gallery, Pondicherry.


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