Does colour really affect your everyday life? Changing the wall colours of your home can actually change your outlook. The classic white also comes with various tones that one can play around while using contrasting colours, but if you are adventurous, brighter and darker colours can bring more life into your interiors. Here are some unique colour wall palates Houzify discovered in home interiors in India.


(L) Home of Carlton Braganza (R) Home of Shonali Mathias



Clifton from Afonso’s Guesthouse in Goa, decorated his own interiors with hand made textures on the wall!


Lighter shades of walls are the most common and the safest you can go while choosing wall colours. You could either go by adding bright coloured home accessories, curtains and furniture to bring out the kind of colours that you like against the white or even better; go textured ! Try adding texture to your favourite nook in the house.


Dark Colours

Ambreen and Junaid had their heritage home renovated with fresh colours.


Nowadays, wall paints come with several colour palates to help you choose your favourite shade. Dark colours have often been thought to make a room look smaller, but when applied with the right kind of furniture can actually add depth to the room and lift your piece.

Monochromes are two or three shades of the same colour which can make a room look pretty elegant and creates more harmony.



Focal Points

(L) The Lymond house in Ooty is a heritage home with striking focal walls. Here the centre of attention is the fireplace. (R) Chalk board paint has become pretty trendy. Designer, Parul Knodia suggests,”Kids’ bedrooms are a great place to paint with chalk board paint. It can be used to draw, write and easily erase. Another place to add it is the study room. A small area around your desk or in a niche is a great place.”


Make one wall in a room the focal point by painting it a different colour. It could be your favourite nook in the house or a centre piece, such as a fireplace or the headboard of your bed. This can also help make a small room look bigger.




Home owners of Gratitude in Pondicherry, Kakoli and Jyoti painted their own niche with florals patterns.


Painting on walls can be a lot of fun. You could do it yourself or hire a professional wall artist.


Finally, while choosing wall colours keep in mind the kind of furniture and accessories to go along with it. Also keep in mind where you want the attention in the room to go. If you want the furniture and accessories to be bold, try to keep a neutral wall colour such as white or grey.


So what are you waiting for? Start Painting !