Before the renovation, Carlton Braganza’s pad was exactly that; a pad. It was where people came to spend the whole day sprawled out on lush mattresses on the floor, barely surfacing from endless piles of colourful cushions and blankets. It was a house without a dining table. Or a couch. With the renovation, Carlton transformed his home entirely with an incredibly daring blend of styles, eras and colours that were inspired by all the things he loves; a true testament to his talent as a designer and artist.

Each room of the house carries a different theme. One bedroom is ethnic, with folk elements strung across a rich canvas of saffron orange. The Grandma Room, as Carlton’s friends fondly refer to it, is a quaint, English floral-inspired space.  Carlton’s bedroom, the master bedroom, is an extension of himself; beachy, Goan, Mediterranean, full of light and open. The guest bathroom is elegantly dotted with the dragonfly motif that represents his late wife, Gina, who continues to be a huge influence in his life and home. Each of the rooms are connected by an open living and dining space that is swimming in bold, deep hues of gold, red and dark metallics. Admittedly unsure, initially, of moving forward with a style that seemed so discordant in his mind, Carlton has no regrets. And rightfully so- the effect is grand. This is a home of homes and very inch of it has a story.

The One on One

What was your inspiration for the redesign?
To still be in a place which had a lot of heavy memories but to lighten it up, change the energy and the way I lived. To begin a new era.

What is your design personality?
Minimalistic. I like to accent one element in a larger design. But this process has made me realise that I do tend to like many things at the same time. If you had asked me before this renovation if I would like gold walls and shiny wallpaper with red floors? Probably not, but that has changed now.

Your biggest indulgence?
The flooring. I didn’t need to change it but it added a dimension that I needed. They’re expensive Spanish tiles that emulate that traditional red-oxide effect.

Your biggest embarrassment?
The photo wall. There are some really old, really embarrassing pictures. There’s nothing on there that is digital. Every one of those pictures is pulled from old albums.

Your favourite element?
The master bathroom sliding door of photographs.

What would you do differently if you had to do it all over again?
I wouldn’t do anything differently, but I do need to finish the terrace. And I would like to add a small recording studio or art space.

Your biggest learning during this process?
Budgeting. There will always be pieces that are way over budget and learning to exercise restraint was a big part of this.

What is your proudest DIY?
The lights above the dining table. Just a bunch of wires and bulbs that we strung together ourselves.

What advice do you have for someone about to decorate their home?
Stay true to yourself and your ideas, no matter how bizarre they may seem. It’s your space and you need to live in it, so never compromise on your true taste.

Your favourite sources?
Bangalore: Sunri, Good Earth, Purple Turtles
Goa: Treasure