A hot cup of coffee overlooking a lush green garden, a serene holiday in the hills or an action packed getaway to the beaches – everyone enjoys the great outdoors. And today, as our homes become more modern and tech-savvy, adding a touch of Mother Nature and making our homes more earthy has become the next-big-want!

The best part about the raw, earthy and snug aesthetic that a nature-inspired design provides is its uniqueness. And the easiest way to add a dash of nature’s comfort is to invite her in.

Namah e

Planters in tyres – designed by Namah

Start small and look for a space that you can work with in your house just to get the ball rolling. Adding a niche to a wall will not only accent the surface, but makes the room’s decor more interesting. Though bricks can add that rustic look, they have been used extensively. Another way, which would probably be a step closer to the rural aesthetic, would be to use mud.

Biome 1 e

Brick walled room – designed by Biome Environmental Solutions

Untreated earth surface, a natural coolant, with cut out simple geometric pattern and a house plant to complement it with can do wonders to an otherwise contemporary home. And if you want to take it a step further, then you can create a fun DIY project out of it and use glass, mirrors and beads to embed in it! The home below, inspired by homes in interior Bengal, has been built on the outskirts of  Kolkata by an artist. It just adds a lovely sense of the past, doesn’t it!

Home on the outskirts of Kolkata. Photo credits: Sarasija Subramanian

Living in parts of the world that are known for its scorching hot summers? Nothing will bring down the temprature of the house like this will.

If you’re thinking of going all out and renovating the house, then mud flooring can be perfected and finished to last for years. An interior decorator’s paradise, if your home is an individual tenement or cottage. Mud flooring for such a home would be a lovely way to create levels, stairs and seating built into the flooring itself. As a stark contrast to sharp edged steps, wall corners and pillars, the soft and flowing forms of moulded mud brings into the home dimensions that are seldom explored in conventional architecture.

Sahil and Sarthak 1 e

A room designed by Sahil & Sarthak in Rajasthan

Sahil and Sarthak 2 e

A room designed by Sahil & Sarthak in Rajasthan

An outdoor seating area – a porch, portico or gazebo – can be transformed into a space that allows you to be one with nature. The charm and the peace that such an interior yet exterior space creates, appeals to the basic rustic love inherent within each of us.

The White Room e

Outdoor area inspired by natural elements – designed by The White Room

All you have to do is turn your head in the right direction and you will have all that you need to get right back to earth – bamboo, wickerwork, wood, terracotta; you name it and it is there! Have a little fun with what nature has to offer. Over and above the beauty, the fact that it is eco friendly and low cost makes it a very attractive option while planning a space. The effortless beauty of nature may be hard to replicate but it sure can be worked with just as it is!