Friday nights and most weekends are the perfect excuse to unwind with a really nice drink, but not everyone likes to go out every single weekend. We have the perfect solution for those who like to unwind but don’t necessarily like to go out— your very own bar! Here are a few design ideas for the ideal bar!


The Contemporary Bar 

(L) Design by (De)Code Architecture (R) Design by WoodnDesign 


Elegant, classy, and packed with fun, this bar is the perfect fit for a contemporary home. With sleek finishing and large white counters this bar will definitely add an element of sophistication to your home. You can complete your bar with dark, contrasting furniture. The types of lighting also plays a huge part in the final look of the bar. The shelves can either be white to match the counter top or dark hardwood. The latter would be ideal not only because it doesn’t stain as easily, but also because alcohol such as wine can be stored in right conditions. Rustic lamps, or lamps that have unique designs are a great way to add that oomph factor to the entire space!


Balcony Bar

Design by 3 Fold


Large balconies are a great opportunity to do something with those tricky outdoor spaces. Wooden panels, subtle walls, and statement wall art or even wall cladding are all the perfect mix for a gorgeous bar. Outdoor bars are underestimated. A well structured marble bar counter, lined with LED lights is undoubtedly a massive style statement. High stools, or bar chairs are also very important to the entire feel of a bar. Designers and home owners search far and wide for the perfect stools for their bars. Bamboo or cane finish high stools are very popular. Websites such as Pepperfry, Urban Ladder, Wayfair have some exciting collections! Make sure you keep your bar counter height in mind before you purchase your chair. A little sit out and a bar on your balcony would make it the ideal getaway within your home!


Design by Mauve and Crimson Interior Solutions


No space? No problem! 

(L) Design by Be Vintage (R) Home of Raj and Nitesh


Personal bars need not be limited to those who have huge villas, large apartments, or pent houses. Anyone can have their own bar! All you need is a small or large shelf, depending on how much alcohol you plan on keeping in there, and a few glasses and voila! You have a little bar of your own. A bar counter is not a must have. If you can acquire a shelf that has some height, purchase a pair of bar stools, and you can use the shelf as your bar counter. Plus, you get to store all of your alcohol in one place! If you have limited space and don’t think your home can accommodate a shelf, use a corner. Get some floating shelves installed, and stack all of your goods. You can even create a small extension that can serve as your bar counter top. Toss in a bright coloured bar stool and there you have it, your very own bar in just that much space.



Bars are tasteful and work very well in every type of home. Big, small, contemporary or ethnic, we hope these design ideas inspire you to create your very own watering hole! Watch this space for more design ideas and how to’s!