The myriad shades of verdant are usually the backdrop for the most memorable holidays – the swaying palms to frost tipped evergreens. Studies have even shown that tasks performed in the calming influence of nature are completed with greater accuracy.

For most of us who stay in homes with very little greens in and around, there is an easy fix. Here, we will clear your misconceptions that plants are difficult to maintain and need skill and dedication and show you that adding greenery is actually quite simple and requires very little effort.

Pilea Depressa Sao Paulo

Pilea Depressa Sao Pauo

Pilea Depressa Sao Paulo is a bright green plant with small thick leaves. This is an easy to keep plant which does well in a hanging pot. Here it has been placed in a custom handmade hanging pot from Songs of Summer, Bangalore.

Pilea Depressa Sao Paulo (beer bottle)

Pilea Depressa Sao Paulo in a beer bottle

Pilea Depressa in a hanging pot

Pilea Depressa in a hanging pot

Pothos Njoy (a prettier variety of the common money plant) in a wine bottle of your choice. The pothos plant is a great way to start introducing plants into your home. These plants enjoy a wide range of environments and do well in bright and shady areas. As they can survive in water as well as soil, they do well even in bathrooms or office areas with no natural light.

Pothos Njoy

Pothos Njoy

Creating your own green corner

  • Look for spots with bright indirect natural light in your home.
  • Choose your container and wash it thoroughly. You can use bottles, jugs, hanging pots and much more
  • Select a plant for each container
  • Place little curios around to complete the look
  • Check water level and replenish when necessary. Make sure water does not go below a level that roots can’t reach.
  • You may use drops of plant vitamin periodically as per instructions on the container. Check for these online or at your local nursery.

Pilea Nummulariifolia or creeping charley is a low creeping herb with thin reddish branches rooting at the nodes and small circular quilted crenate leaves. These can be easily propagated by cuttings. Here we see how it has been placed in a beautiful jug.

Pilea Nummulariifolia

Pilea Nummulariifolia in a jug

Pothos – Marble Queen (a more speckled variety of money plant) has been placed here in a coloured bottle. Notice how the coloured part of the bottle hides the roots. This kind of arrangement is perfect for bathrooms and high shelves.


Marble Queen in a coloured bottle

There you go! Add some creativity to plants that can survive in multiple environments and you’ll have your own greenery at home.

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