It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And we are here to help you spread Christmas spirit in your home with adorable mason jar lamps, super easy DIY coasters (double bonus points: You can use them through the year, and they make an amazing Christmas gift!) and a brilliant dinner table hack to make your Christmas dinner a little more festive!





If you do lots of DIYs like these, we suggest you invest in a glue gun. They are much less messy to work with, do not damage skin, tabletops or clothes as easily, and are available to buy online or in hobby-and-craft stores at affordable rates!




  1. 3 Jam jars/ mason jars
  2. Green, red, and white jute paper/cloth
  3. Super glue/ Glue gun
  4. Tea lit candles/ electric Tea lit candles
  5. Scissors
  6. Thin twine/ rope






  1. Cut the jute paper/cloth to a size that comfortably wraps around the jar. Ensure that the neck and top of the jar is not covered.
  2. Wrap the jute around the jar and pick a side that will be facing the front. Using a marker draw out the letter “J”.
  3. Using a pair of scissors cut the “J” such that the glass is seen through the letter.
  4. Glue the jute down onto the glass.
  5. Using coloured twine/rope wrap the top of the jar and fasten it using glue.
  6. Repeat the same process with the other two jars, using the letters “O” and “Y” in block.
  7. Place real or electric tea lit candles in the jars and let there be light!




TIP: If you are using electric tea lit candles, you can place Christmas decorations or cutlery in the jars. It will surely help your dinner table look even brighter!







  1. Thick cardboard
  2. Rope/white twine (10-12 strands)
  3. Beads of equal size (Velvet/Glass)
  4. Glue Gun/ Super glue
  5. Sharp scissors
  6. Round object/ compass







  1. Using a round object or compass, draw circles of equal size at a reasonable distance from each other.

TIP: Cardboard from sweet boxes, or cardboard boxes serve as a good base. Plus, you’ll be recycling!

  1. Cut out the circles as neatly and as evenly as possible.
  2. Get creative! Starting from the centre, and using the glue, rope, twine, buttons, shells, or anything you can find around the house to decorate the coasters.
  3. You can take these coasters to another level by using beads as well. Create patterns using the beads and the rope, fasten them using the glue gun/super glue. Ta-da! Happy glueing!

TIP: We suggest either velvet or glass beads because they will be more resilient to heat than plastic beads.








  1. Fold your napkin into a square

TIP: Use a relatively thin and large napkin for best results!

  1. Fold the first layer that is pointed upwards such that it creates a triangle. This will reveal the three other layers. Repeat the process, folding each layer a little less than the one before it.
  2. Fold in the sides to create an overall diamond like shape.
  3. At this point you will have all the corners of the napkin pointed downwards. Simply fold these and tuck them in, and your tree is complete!
  4. Your cutlery can either tucked in the napkin or beneath the napkin, to form the trunk of the tree! Your Christmas dinner table is now complete!



These DIY’s are a great way to get the entire family together! They’re simple and barely take any time. You can find a video tutorial of this DIY segment on our YouTube channel. Houzify wishes you a very Merry Christmas! Watch this space for more!