Chic and cutting edge to Victorian; eclectic and vibrant to classic – spanning the entire spectrum of home décor styles, contemporary window dressing ideas can set the stage for the mood your house exuberates. Starting from simple wood and bamboo shutters all the way to heavy velvet drapery, window dressing not only provides your room with an accessory, but gives you an opportunity to manipulate just how much light you want to let in and how.

Much like other home décor decisions – like carpets, linen and lighting – curtains, shutters, blinds and screens cannot be chosen purely based on how they look. Let’s learn a little more about window dressing.


Chic pull-down screen from Insitu Design

We’ll start with the drawing and dining areas. If you plan on using them primarily for entertaining guests, then an ideal way to dress your windows would be to block vision and ensure privacy, but still let in ample light. If the spaces open out into a balcony or a courtyard, even better! You can then capitalize on the natural beauty and accentuate it by choosing something like the chic pull-down screens or delicate sheer curtains.


Minimal beige blinds echoing the flooring and wall accents from Muse Lab


Delicate sheer curtains from 3 Fold Design

Bedrooms usually require the heaviest drapery. If that isn’t your style, then opaque or near opaque shutters can offer the required privacy. We know that it’s always a joy to wake up to the sunrise. We also know that it should be just as easy for you to snuggle up on a Sunday afternoon and nap without having to worry about the glaring afternoon light. If you’re the kind that wants a bit of both, then a two-ply curtain with an inner layer of heavy fabric and an outer of sheer would give you all the flexibility you need. And if you aren’t, then you can always go with just one of the two!


Complimentary combination of sheer and heavy drapes from SM Studio

The choice of material has its own form and function, starting with maintenance. A heavy non-cotton drape can open up the door to dust; so if you’re allergic or asthmatic, then that would be a complete no. Cotton curtains can attract dust as well, but you can throw them into a washer-dryer anytime, making them as good as knew. Shutters made of wood and bamboo can easily be wiped clean, making them desirable both visually and maintenance-wise.


Minimal bamboo blinds accenting 3 Fold Design’s eclectic living room


Wood finish blinds from Vijay Kapur Designs

There can be a lot of things to look at – colour, material, function. And a lot of options to choose from. Look at where you stay, what is the style of your home and pick what you like the most. That’s the best part of dressing up your windows – there is always something new you can do!
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