Here in India, we feel at home when our feet are bare. We respect our homes by removing our shoes before we enter. Where we put our shoes, however, is one of the most common issues faced in homes across the country.  We’ve found a few low-maintenance solutions that look promising, longer-lasting than the temporary fix-ups we know all too well about.

1. Serve them up on a tray.

For those few pairs of shoes you wear on the daily, the ones you have to leave by the door. Pick up a rustic wooden tray, an industrial black metal tray or even a slick, modern stainless steel tray and decorate it with a small succulent, flowers or any little embellishment. You could also fill it up with a layer of smooth pebbles. There should be enough room for your essential shoes and voila! Your shoe rack now serves as a nice bit of decor too.



2. Dunk them in the basket.

Baskets are charming, period. Use multiple baskets, or just a couple of really large ones. Considering these are more for our thoroughly used pairs of shoes, we don’t mind throwing them all in there together. You can place the baskets under a console table, on a shelf or just on the floor. They can hold their own quite well.


3. Send ‘em to the bench.

Simply lining your shoes up neatly under the bench makes for a pretty sight as you enter the home.  You could also put them inside the bench if you prefer them out of sight. Set a vase of flowers or some nice candles atop the bench. Or hang a statement mirror above the bench for some added drama.


4. Don’t be shy, shelve them out in the open.

Shoes make for great pieces of decor on their own. What’s more personal than a personal belonging? Shelving your shoes confidently out in the open will add character, colour and bold style to your space. Have a look at these ideas that are simple enough to have custom made by your local carpenter.




If you have any more ideas about shoe storage and other utilitarian challenges, please share it with the Houzify community! We’re here to learn.