Can a few pillows and cushions change the entire look of a room? The answer is yes – there is no easier or cheaper way to primp up a room. Honestly, I find it a fabulous way to embrace the latest home decor trends without sacrificing personal decor style. You can incorporate a bit of chevron or gingham for a European touch or zari and mirror work for an ethnic Indian look.


Use of cushions for an Indian vs. European look (Home of Innu Nevatia – left, Bangalore. Project by: Live Laugh Design Studio – right)

Keeping your décor same, you can update your cushions according to occasions, festivals and season. A couple of cushions in warm colors, brocade and some shiny baubles will instantly perk up neutral décor for the festive season. On the other hand, if you want to dress your living room or bedroom for Christmas – throw in a combination of red and olive, preferably in checks, with gold or silver accents. You can experiment with gingham, stripes, checks and seasonal prints. Commercially available cushions are usually 12”x12”, 14”x14”,16”x16”.


Project by: Grey Scale (left) & Hidden Gallery (right)

When spring/summer is here and you want your home to sing the spring song- you can effortlessly get the outdoors in with lime green, yellow, white, ochre and just a hint of blue or coral depending upon your décor theme. In fact if you want to experiment with a new décor style, start from the cushions!

Types of Cushions

There are many types of cushions that it gets a little overwhelming as to what to choose. Broadly, cushions are grouped into:

Throw cushions: Small, decorative cushions/pillows that you can toss onto a bed, couch, a chair, on the floor. They can be any shape or size and can be simple to ornate and sequined ones. Ideal for lazing around and easy chairs.

Knife Edge: A basic pillow wherein the side seams tapers into sharp corners. This is ideal for beds and sofas.

Flange: A flange is a fabric that extends from the seams. This is done to give the pillow/cushion a softer look. You can layer these with plain basic ones to get a varied hue palette.

Box: A pillow that has both depth and dimension. These are good as accents and ideal for larger seating.

Welted pillows: A cushion where a cord is sewn around as decorative detail. These go well with antique furniture.

Bolster: Cylindrical in shape, these are used as accent or support cushions. These are ideal in low seating arrangements, typical in Moroccan or Indian decors. They look great when paired with flange cushions or pillows.

My Picks

Thanks to online stores we can purchase great looking cushions sitting at home. From inserts to shams and covers, you’ll get it all in the range of Rs 199/- to Rs 1999/-.Check out these cushions.


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These are my absolute favorite. Pair it with white for a serene look or go all out and pair it with crimson, yellow and orange for a quirky little living room. A fab fit! What’s best is its price. Doesn’t make you think twice either ;)

Hope you all have fun redecorating for Diwali!