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Every Christmas season, we are bombarded with fabulous looking trees no matter where we look – stores, décor magazines and even that neighbour’s home! In an attempt to emulate, we start hunting for the right tree and ways to decorate it. But what makes some Christmas trees look drop dead gorgeous and others, well, a sad jumble of things put together?

Fret not. We’ve got you covered! Here’s our never-fail-guide to help you decorate a Christmas tree like a pro. You might want to bookmark this!

#Rule 1: Planter > Lights > Ornaments

This rule needs to be followed to the T.

First, choose a planter that reflects your style and persona, keeping with the theme of your home. You can look at different themes for this Christmas – Ethnic, Eclectic, French Farmhouse or Coastal Inspired. Traditionally, tree skirts have been used to cover the stand – you can go for brocade or patchwork for an Eclectic or Ethnic inspired tree. Pick up anything rustic like a galvanized tin pail, a bucket or even a wicker basket for a perfect French Farmhouse style. A great way of adding some vintage charm to your tree would be by using an old fruit crate as a planter.

 #Rule 2: Lights before Ornaments. Always.

Why? Because of these TWO reasons:

  • You don’t run the risk of pulling or breaking ornaments as you string the lights.
  • You can decide the perfect place to hang the ornaments so that they are not hidden and can shine.

#Rule 3: Lights that go round and round and round – a BIG no.

No matter what size your tree is or how thin or thick it is, never arrange lights around the tree in spirals. If you want your Christmas tree to look dreamy and have a lot of depth in it – spreading the lights irregularly will do the trick.

Start from the bottom and arrange the lights in an irregular fashion.  Place them around the middle of the branches and go all the way to the base of the stem. Do not get the lights too close to the tips as it will create a blind spot where the ornaments hang, making them lose all the charm.

#Rule 4: Add method to the madness while hanging the ornaments





















Decorating a tree makes great family memories, but making a tree look stunning doesn’t happen by fluke. There are rules to bring out maximum visual impact – one which applies to hanging ornaments in a tree as well. You’ll see how these 3 quick tips transform your tree from ordinary to extraordinary.

Topper comes first: And that’s a good pun! While decorating, always add the tree topper first so there is some weight to the tree as you hang your ornaments. You don’t want the tree to topple. More importantly, it also acts as a reference point while hanging other ornaments.

Think triangle: How do you ensure that the tree looks fabulous with all its ornaments? Symmetry! Ensure that at any point of time, a similar group of ornaments form a triangle – meaning, if you put a red ornament at point A, place another red on branches either left or right of A and never at the same height!

Groups are good: To achieve a homogeneous effect, try grouping your ornaments and hang them one group at a time. Start from the top, keep a gap of about a branch line and place the next one. Go all around the tree. Exhaust the first batch and move on to the second. 

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas with a stunning Christmas tree, from all of us at Houzify.

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