The art of découpage is merely cutting and sticking paper or thin fabric onto any surface and then lacquering it down with a clear varnish. You can achieve a world of effects using this simple craft and you probably have all the supplies you need lying around right now. There are tons of video and written tutorials online that show you découpage techniques with and without the use of paint. Here’s our personal collection of découpage inspiration to spark that DIY fire in you.


Découpage-top console table by Bli & Chi, Bangalore.

1. Never get bored of that headboard again.

A simple headboard renovation can transform your entire bed. Floral patterns for the whimsical bedroom, animal silhouettes for the nature lover or subtle lines for the minimalist – express the real you through the things that surround you.


2. Kitchen cabinets that are bold and brave!

Personally, I’ve had it with bland kitchens. When I saw this picture, it was similar to finding an oasis of flowing chocolate in the middle of an ocean of vanilla. Notice how even the fridge hasn’t been spared!

3. Mirror, mirror on the wall. 

You can use an old mirror or gather a few scraps of MDF plywood and découpage your heart away. The flat surfaces would make this a great piece to try a first-time DIY découpage.

4. Knobs and handles – tiny details that make a huge difference.

It’s a meditative experience; sitting at the dining table with a wonderful cup of tea as you devotedly stick delicate bits of napkin onto your drawer knobs. You could make each knob unique or part of a larger découpage story that unfolds on your chest of drawers or side-table.



5. Even the filing cabinet has hope. 

We can’t avoid paperwork, but we can make it easier on the eyes. I love this beautiful filing cabinet that almost makes me forget my tedious arch nemeses that live within.


6. Wardrobe woes begone! Découpage to the rescue. 

If you can find a piece of paper or cloth large enough, why not take on your wardrobe? A canvas that size is sure to give you the creative freedom you need. Needless to say, the finished product will have a massive impact on your room.

7. Suddenly, stationery becomes decor! 

Clipboards are extremely simple to découpage and make for lovely accents around a home office, children’s study area or the kitchen wall.

8. Loo-signs that are far too charming. 

Using a thin scrap of MDF plywood or an old cutting board, you can create the loveliest little loo-signs using floral napkins and a little bit of paint. You could also make découpage name-signs for things like pet beds and food bowls.

Tell us, in the comments section, how your découpage weekend goes. Don’t forget to share pictures and tips with the community. We’re here to learn. Happy weekend, everyone!

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