Bangalore-based design studio, The Creative Axis, began in January 2012, and since then has hit the 100-project mark – a completion milestone. Amrath and Anupama, who head the company today, recently sat down with Houzify. We asked them for expert advice, and here’s what they had to say!



How and when did you start The Creative Axis?

Gaining exposure and experience over 10 years, we found that there is a specific need to listen to the requirements of our clients and design in a way that gives them a satisfaction in living their day-to-day lives, in their home. This made us want to create our own niche and that’s where the experience comes from.


What is your favourite aspect of being interior designers?

“Defining spaces” has always been our favourite feature of any design challenge.



What are the important first steps of a design project?

A crucial first step is to understand individual taste and then design accordingly. It’s important to choose a style of design that suits you – contemporary or traditional or a blend of both or perhaps colonial. In addition, the functionality and utility of every space in the residence must be kept in mind.



A small alcove is connected to a living room space without looking too tiny and cramped by using pillars to separate the rooms. Fitted glass containers filled with white pebbles add a contemporary artistic touch to the room divider. Functionality and style by The Creative Axis!


What is the most common challenge in any design project?

One common hurdle in any project is budgeting. It is advisable to budget proportionate to the cost of project invested in. A good way of budgeting is to set aside 25-30% of the project cost of the project invested in.



Small touches can go a long way. The patterned wallpaper and bright cushion covers in complementary colours in this space designed by The Creative Axis brightens up a simple room in an economical and yet artistic way!


What advice do you have to homeowners about to start an interior design project?

Designs are developed after a clear understanding of the daily routine, habits of the people who will occupy the space, practical utility of space and the tastes of the residents. The idea is to blend the requirement, expectations and budget of each individual client.

We feel that design should be done in a manner that gives total satisfaction to residents in living their day-to-day lives in the space we create!



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