Living rooms spaces with a lot of potential for great designs. Bright living rooms are all the rage among home owners. Be it an apartment, home, duplex, or villa, there are a number of ways to brighten your living room! Here are a few design ideas to inspire your dream home.


Let The Light In!

Design by BRIO Architecture


Skylights and high windows are one of the most sought after ways to ensure there is enough light entering your home. There are some really innovative ways in which you can construct a skylight. One such way is creating a large skylight in the centre of your home, a courtyard of sorts. This will allow lots of light to flood the surrounding rooms. You living room will be well lit, and with the right furniture and flooring your home will look beyond amazing!


(L) Home of Trishna, (R) Home of Bindu and Vasu


High ceilings are a great way to accommodate a large window or a skylight. They automatically make the space seem large and bright, high windows only add to this feel. These spaces are a little hard to maintain, dusting and cleaning high ceilings and windows can be a little hard, but you can get creative while designing these spaces by using stained glass for the windows, furniture that have bright coloured prints, or hanging some great art for the best look!


Large Windows 

(L) Home of Juili Thane, (R) Home of Lata Gopalkrishna


Now, the oldest trick in the book to a bright living room is having large windows. Large frames will clear glass is one of the best ways to have light fill your living room. This design can be used in any type of home. Large windows also help in making your space look larger. You can be a little daring and use bright furniture, some plants, and the right kind of art to help highlight the beauty of your living room!


Some Post-Construction Tips! 

  • Go for light coloured interiors. Walls, furniture, curtains play a big role in making sure your living room is light and bright!
  • Use wood or dark coloured tiles in your living room depending on how large your space is. Dark colours in small spaces will only make it look darker and smaller.
  • Use white lights to brighten your space. White lights and high ceilings are a great match. Yellow lights will brighten your room as well, but white lights only make it brighter.
  • Use sheer curtains, or white curtains for those large windows in your living room. They are elegant and classy, and still allow light to enter your living space.
  • Plants are a great addition to your living room. Green plants in well lit rooms will make the room look brighter and fresh!


Living rooms are a undoubtedly a large part of your home. It’s only right that you put in some extra thought while you’re designing them. Take some to look at some designs. Hope ours inspired you! Watch this space for more design ideas and inspirations!