Today we take a trip to Jharkhand, to visit one of their oldest and most unique art forms – Dhokra. This beautiful folk craft form uses brass (a combination of copper and bronze) to fashion motifs – mostly taken from nature and village life – elephants, turtles, huts and people playing instruments. Moulds are created out of wet earth, cured and then filled with liquid metal. When everything has cooled and hardened, the figures are revealed by breaking the Earth moulds.

Today, Dhokra has expanded to include accessories and home items and we thought we would share some little décor ideas. A little touch of brass is an amazing way to add an ethnic touch to a wall or a tabletop.

Pick up a few figurines you like. Line a staircase, or the edge of mantelpiece or even put up a mirror laced with a Dhokra motif. Maybe frame a family photograph or two, hang up your keys or create a little centre piece on a coffee table! The possibilities are endless and these little figurines can look beautiful almost anywhere.





















Give it a try!

Places To Shop:

Mother Earth, Fabindia, Good Earth, Eka (Bangalore)
Flea Markets: Dastakaar (Bangalore) and Santhe at CKP (Bangalore)

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