Storage and organisation are one of every homeowner’s biggest challenges. Whether it’s the kitchen, library or bedroom, there are lots of things that just get dumped on dressing and bedside tables. Ask any woman and she will tell you how earrings mysteriously go missing, only to be found months later under some couch, necklaces get tangled up and trinkets get piled up waiting to be rummaged through for us to find the one we want. (We know!)


So if you want a cool solution for your dressing table mess, here’s a quick way to solve the problem of lost trinkets, while adding a handmade touch to your bedroom side table!

You’ll need:
3 bamboo sticks
Some wool or string
A pair of scissors
Glue and paintbrushes


1. Create a triangle, using three bamboo sticks.
2. Tie them together using the string by wrapping the thread around the joints of the sticks. Fortify with glue to ensure that your string doesn’t unravel!

connect the sticks

3. Use more string to create “shelves” across the triangle.

add strings

And voila! You have the frame of your jewellery stand in place!


4. Hang your earrings on the string across the frame, necklaces along the bottom and use the joints at the top for smaller trinkets and rings!

And there’s your pretty little DIY jewellery stand to prop up against a mirror, hang from a hook or on a nail on the wall!


This DIY jewellery stand is simple to make, light, durable, and inexpensive to make! Depending on the size of the sticks you want to use, you can alter the size of your stand. The next time you find yourself bored on a Sunday afternoon, try working on this simple DIY, and say goodbye to tangled necklaces, lost earrings and cluttered dressing tables!

Don’t forget to share your projects and ideas with us, and watch this space for more DIY projects! Happy creating!