Ever looked at a mirror with a beautiful frame at a high end retail store, wanted it, and then walked away because of the exorbitant price? We all have. This DIY fixes your problem! Mirrors have a place in every room and bathroom and placed right, they can help make your space look bigger.


Making pretty frames are a lot simpler than you think, grab an old wooden frame or get one made to your preference, and we’ll show you how to jazz it up! Not only is it lighter on the pocket but also super easy to make. (Not to mention they make great housewarming gifts!) So gather some paint and cloth and get started!


What You’ll Need:

  • A frame
  • A mirror to fit
  • Glue gun
  • Scraps of cloth
  • Decorative flowers, sequins, etc.





  1. Make sure you’ve removed the mirror and the board from the frame.
    Tip: You can also use saree or blouse borders and yield the same results!
  2. Cut your cloth into pieces in accordance to the length and breadth of the frame
  3. Glue the pieces of cloth onto the frame using the glue gun. Fold and glue the ends of cloth diagonally.
  4. Cut off all the excess cloth, and trim the loose threads.
  5. Place your decorative flowers, sequins, feathers, etc. Paste in desired spots.
  6. Place mirror and board back in place, and seal from behind.



Ta-da! Take a step back and look at your handiwork! So simple, yet so efficient. Take your mirror work to a whole new level!


Place your beautiful handmade mirror however you’d like – prop it up against a wall, compliment it’s design with accessories around the house, or even put a nail on the wall to hang it on. Experiment with different textiles and designs in colours of your choice to find what suits you and your home best!


We hope you like this one! Watch our DIY page for more!