Christmas! The very mention of the word puts me on my décor toes. Come December and I’m drooling over décor magazines and blogs. I am pushing stuff around the room to make way for my tree and trying to cut-copy-paste from those glossy pages I am so inspired by. Living in a small loft, I suppose it is unrealistic to expect such grandeur, but I notch up my apartment with this one trick I learnt from Martha Stewart. Introducing vignettes!

What are vignettes?

Vignette is typically an arrangement of accessories into still life that effortlessly adds a designer touch to your home. It can be a group of photos on your corner table top, a few books and candles on your coffee table or grouped candles and plants in the foyer. Basically, a collection of gorgeous still life that creates mood and brings your room together.

If you have a small space that cannot accommodate lofty garlands and huge trees, bring in the Christmas cheer with little vignettes strewn all around your home. It’s super easy and I have found the perfect formula to vignetting. Take a look!

Christmas Vignette

A Christmas tree added to a vintage oil dispenser
for a fantastic French Farmhouse feel.

A few things to keep in mind while vignetting:

  • Build your vignette around a light source so it’s in focus
  • Group objects that support a general theme
  • Make sure your vignette is of the same colour tone as your home. A bright, Indian vignette in a minimal, beach themed home can be disastrous
  • Use objects of varying size and always set to an odd number as this adds to visual impact
  • Create depth. Place objects together rather than lining them near the light source

Coffee Table Christmas Vignette

Houzify-Vignette 1

Bring out your candles, pinecones, a stray Christmas ornament and any form of deer you might have! Pardon my silliness, but that’s exactly what you’ll need to create a lovely, Christmas vignette. My home being predominantly white, I have kept 70% of the vignette in shades of white with just a bit of red from the cushion and bauble. This vignette fulfills the conditions of keeping with the theme of my room, depth (they are not linear) and the candle as a light source coupled with the ample light from the windows.

Center Table Christmas Vignette

Houzify-Vignette 2

As my home is beach themed, I used twine and a starfish to make the theme pop out in my Christmas vignette, but in general plants or leaves make for a fabulous vignetting element as well. This vignette fulfills: grouping things of varying sizes which gel with the theme of my home. The starfish adds that instant beach house Christmas touch!

Houzify christmas-vignette-vintage-ball-jar
Just in case you are more into colours, check this simple mason jar arrangement for a quick-chic vignette. (source)

Or this elaborate one with sleigh, a repurposed window sill and gifts to turn heads and usher in the Christmas cheer quite well. (source)

Enjoy vignetting and have a very Merry Christmas! ^_^