What is Houzify?

Houzify is the end to your sleepless nights worrying about your home design project. From fixed furniture solutions for a bedroom or a kitchen to full-home interiors, we provide simple solutions to help you create a beautiful home. We know it can be scary to set out on a home-design project. Whatever your need, we work as your trusted guide, helping you hire the right service providers that match your requirements, making sure you don’t get lost on the way.


What does Houzify offer?

As your trusted advisor for a home-design project, Houzify guides you through

  • gathering design inspiration
  • finding out your home design style
  • collecting quotes from certified, reliable service providers
  • assessing quotes for cost and quality
  • hiring the right service provider, and
  • ensuring everything stays on track during the execution process.


What if I’m not ready to start a home-design project just yet?

Don’t break a sweat. There is a range of options which help you get ready to create your dream home. Based on your needs, you can:

  • Estimate your project budget using one of our easy-to-use calculators
  • Browse through thousands of design ideas to kick-start your design journey and find inspiration at every step of the way
  • Find hundreds of beautiful products from the designs you love
  • Get innovative tips and DIY hacks to beautify your home


When should I hire a design professional?

You should start looking for a design professional about 3 months before you want the work to be completed. Evaluating different service providers, comparing their work and their price estimates is a time consuming activity that may take up to a month followed by 45-60 days for the design and execution of the project.


Why should I hire a professional through Houzify instead of hiring them directly?

Two words. Trust and reliability. Every professional you find through Houzify is carefully certified and vetted. We ensure that they use top-quality materials and provide you with detailed cost breakdowns so pricing is completely transparent and you don’t get any expensive surprises at the end of the project.

Even before your project begins, one of Houzify’s design experts will work with you to understand your requirements deeply and connect you with the most appropriate person for your project. Through the entire journey this design expert will be available to you to answer any queries or clear any doubts you might have.


How does hiring a professional through Houzify work?

If you have a new home that needs to be designed or need to renovate your home, you can get the help of Houzify’s Project Assistant. Here is how it works:

  • Step 1: Submit the floor plan of your home
  • Step 2: Consult with a Houzify design expert to share your detailed requirements
  • Step 3: Get mood-boards and detailed quotes from two different service providers for a nominal fee of INR 500 which can be adjusted later. If neither option meets your requirements, we’ll provide you with two additional options free of charge.
  • Step 4: Schedule a meeting with one or more service providers who fit your scope and budget requirements
  • Step 5: Book the service provider through the Houzify platform within 30 days of receiving a quote
  • Step 6: Get periodic follow ups by your Houzify design expert who will ensure that your project is being executed as per your agreement with the service provider
  • Step 7: Get peace of mind about the material used as your design expert conducts quality checks on the material, finishes, hardware, etc till the end of the project


Does Houzify charge for the services?

Yes. We charge a nominal service fee of INR 500 for our design consultation. If you book a certified service provider through the Houzify platform, this will be adjusted against the final booking fee.


What? Other platforms don’t charge anything for designs! How can you charge INR 500?

We provide a custom service with personalised advice designed for each client. We charge only a nominal fee to ensure that we can provide the highest quality service to the most interested consumers. If you book the execution phase of your project through Houzify, this fee will be adjusted against the final amount.


Are there any site visit charges?

Yes. We collect a sum of INR 500 per site visit. If you book a certified service provider through the Houzify platform, this will be adjusted against the final amount.


What if I am not satisfied with the quote?

Your satisfaction is the fuel which keeps us running. Our design experts have decades of experience in the interiors design industry. We will do the hard work necessary to ensure that every professional provides the best possible quote for the scope of work shared by you in a price transparent way. If you’re not satisfied with the quote, we’ll help you revise the scope to bring the pricing in line with your budget.


How long is a typical home design project?

A typical home design process starts with the service provider creating and sharing a design proposal for your space. After the design is finalised, the execution of your project starts based on the price quote that has been fixed by you and your service provider. This entire process can take about 45-60 days depending upon the agreed scope of work.


What if I only need to get a single space designed in my home?

Houzify offers fixed furniture solutions for part spaces such as wardrobes in the bedroom, TV and console units in the living room and complete kitchen redesigns. We also provide consultation and certified professionals for full-home interiors.


Do I need to pay the booking fee via Houzify?

If you would like the Houzify design expert to work with you till the end of your project and to be able to adjust the amount you paid for the design consultation and site visit against the final project, you will need to pay the booking fee via Houzify.


If at the end of the project, I am not satisfied, who do I go to?

The service providers who work with Houzify are carefully certified and vetted for trust and reliability. We ensure that they use top-quality materials and are price transparent and so provide a guarantee on the materials that will be used. In case at the end there is any level of dissatisfaction, we will conduct a check and upon finding any inconsistency, provide monetary reimbursements.