Foyers are small or relatively large spaces that home owners tend to forget. Even though it is the first space that a person will see when they step into your home, so you may want to do it up well! Here are a few ideas to increase both, visual appeal, as well as functionality of your foyer!


Make it Bright!

Designs by Raj and Nitesh



If you live in a independent house, or a villa, be sure to make your foyer bright. Skylights are the best way to do so. Lots of light, coupled with a gorgeous wooden door is sure to leave an impression. If skylights aren’t your cup of tea, large windows and green plants are also very effective in making your foyer look large and full of light!



Design by Aegam


A  large foyer is the perfect spot for a reception. Place a few chairs, a small table with a phone, notepads, some lamps and a carpet, and you’ve got yourself a foyer straight out of a design catalogue. /be sure you design your foyer carefully, simply because it sets the tone for the rest of your home!


Good Reflections

(1) Design by BNA, (2) Design by Mauve and Crimson Architecture, (3) Design by Inner Space


A foyer with a mirror is easily one of the more popular designs. Large mirrors with bold frames are always a good idea. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but every time you walk out of your house you can check to see how you look. We all do it! Large mirrors in small foyers are a hack to make your space seem bigger. With the right lights and some statement furniture, your home will have a tasteful entrance!


Statement Furniture

(L) Design by (De)Code Architecture, (R) Image Source:


For small or large foyers, statement furniture is the way to go. Loud patterns, bright colours, a heavyset armchair is a great design investment. Adding a mirror to the design will immediately make your foyer pop. Even bright chandeliers, or large wall art will have the same effect! Whilst large foyers can do with dark colours in terms of furniture, small foyers can do with the illusion of space. Pick patterns and colours that will complement the size and theme of your home!


Storage Space

(L) Design by Working Ants, (R) Image Source: Pinterest


In most indian households, it is likely that we store our footwear in the foyer. Having well thought out storage is ideal for a foyer that is narrow and has limited space. Invest in shelves that are long and lie low. Tall shelves tend to look cramped. However, the same will work in a large foyer. Tall distressed shelves to store shoes, or a rack to hang coats, or even a nice wall hanging to hang your keys! All of these little additions are sure to make your foyer look lovely.



The entrance to your home is just as important as the rest of it. Make the most of this impressionable space! Watch this space for more design ideas!