Dark, light, patterned, or plain, a floor can make all the difference in the world. Tiles of course are the standard go to design, but nowadays, exposed concrete, and red oxide are also popular options. Here are a few design ideas that are sure to grab your attention!


Wood You Try This?

(1) Design by Whitewater Architecture, (2) Design by M+P Architecture, (3) Design by VMS


Wooden floors will forever be a staple in most design catalogues. From sophisticated to rustic, they fit all styles. Wooden floors are made using engineered wood, laminated wood, veneered wood, or solid wood.  If you’re planning to get wooden flooring, it would cost you somewhere between Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 2,50,000 per 1000 sq.ft of your home. Wooden floors are easy to maintain and nowadays are capable of expansion and contraction without affecting your floor!


Athangudi Awesomeness!

Home of Anumita and Rajaram in Sarjapur, Bangalore


Athangudi tiles originated in Tamil Nadu, they are of best design and quality when exported from Chettinad, (Sivaganga District of Tamil Nadu)  or Chennai. The bright colours, aesthetic designs, and not to forget the eco-friendly material are few of the many reasons why these tiles are ideal for your floor. They are suitable for both, indoors and outdoors, and will keep that space cool. You wouldn’t need to invest a lot on wall art, subtle plain colours will look gorgeous with this kind of flooring!


Red Oxide 

(L) Image source: prism.in, (R) livspace.com


Red Oxide has been around for ages and is making a comeback. If you want your home to look ethnic and vintage, this floor is for you. Red Oxide is cheap to acquire and although the process of laying the floor is tedious, it is worth it. It keeps your home cool, and with regular sweeping and mopping, it looks just as new for years. However, with continuous wear it tends to crack and darken, so it has to be retouched every few years.. Wooden furniture, white walls, large pots, and a skylight will transform your home into an old, classic home in Kerala, and who wouldn’t want that!


Tasteful Terracotta 

(1) Image Source: firedearth.com, (2) linconshire.tiledoctor.biz


Terracotta is a very underused when it comes to indoor flooring. Usually, they are used on patios, terraces, walkways, and balconies. Terracotta can be a great decision both in terms of design and price. You can even purchase tiny tiles as “terracotta insets” to break the monotony of the brown. There are various types of terracotta available in the market, from “reclaimed” or recycled terracotta to terracotta tiles that have been packed and polished to give it an indoor feel and finish. The shades of brown are very pleasing to the eye and when paired with distressed furniture, it is the perfect match!


Exposed Concrete

(L) Design by DDIR, (R) Image Source: archinspire.com


Now tiles need not be the answer to flooring all the time. Some homeowners have decided to step it up and have no tiles at all! Exposed concrete flooring outdoors is the norm, bur indoors? Not so much. Smoothened and polished pure concrete floors are not only great in terms of design but also because the price is just right. Prices vary from Rs.130 to Rs.385 depending on the complexity of the work to be done. Maintenance is not a task at all. Bright or light furniture and large windows are ideal for this type of design!



Your floor is literally the base of your home as well as your design. Choose wisely, and be sure to leave us a comment on your favourite type of flooring!