Sanjhi is a stunning and ancient art form from Mathura in Uttar Pradesh, the legendry home of Lord Krishna. These intricate stencils were originally used to fill in colours on temple floors and walls and then thrown away, until recently, the beauty of the stencil itself was recognised!




Today, small Sanjhi stencils can be seen at most Craft Melas and there are some amazing possibilities of a piece of Sanjhi brightening up a room in a modern home today.


Home of Anjalee Wakankar


If you’re the DIY kind, buy yourself a piece that you love – a scene from Krishna’s childhood, or the famous “Tree of Life” or even an animal motif – and press it between two pieces of glass.


Award Winner - Ram Soni's Tree of Life

Award Winner – Ram Soni’s Tree of Life


Either display the framed piece as it is, or be more creative about it. Make it the top of a coffee table, or a single door of a cupboard. Have it made into a lampshade or a large room divider and you’ll be amazed at how beautifully the light and shadows jazz up a room!


If you like reading about incorporating folk art and ethnic touches into your home, let us know… and watch this space for more!