Sometimes, a bright coloured wall or some wallpaper just doesn’t cut it.  Loud colours, and large prints do grab attention, but we thought we’d explore some really cool wall installations; a guaranteed method to make heads turn. They make a statement and can be done executed very creatively. Here are a few ways to make your walls look bold and beautiful!



(L) Design by Be Vintage, (R) Image Source:


A great idea for wall installations are frames. Different colours, shapes and sizes are a great way to make your wall pop. Frames by themselves are not expensive. Depending on size, and shape they can range from Rs.120 to Rs. 1200 and above. You can even paint the frame yourself, wrap them in left over material or jazz them up with broken bits of mirrors, glass and bangles.Check out our DIY on mirror frames and try something similar!



(L) Home of Carlton Braganza, (R) Image Source:


Ceramic plates that have various prints or paintings on them are a long standing trend. They have been around for a couple of centuries, and make for a particularly Victorian look. The style can remain the same but the plates need not. You can either have subtle, soft colours in the background like light pinks, blues, mint greens, with white plates, or dark walls with similar coloured plates. You can get intricate designs printed on your plates or different coloured ceramic plates. It’s a really elegant design that makes your space look incredibly tasteful.


3D Installations

Designed by Ritika Zharotia


While significantly more expensive, this might be the luxury piece your living room asked for! Available online, or in designer stores like The Purple Turtles, Kaaru or even your closest FabIndia, these installations work best when lit elegantly from the back or by a discreetly placed overhead LED.


Graffiti and Doodles

(L) Design by Life On Wall, (R) Image source: Pinterest


Graffiti is no longer limited to the streets of the city. Home owners are bringing them into their homes and in full blown spaces! Graffiti is really stunning and never fails to make a statement. You can ask your designer to fill up your entire wall with doodles and graffiti or just a small section. Either way, your wall will look brilliant by the end of it all. Black on white walls is a very common colour scheme used by people who want doodles on their walls. Graffiti, however involves many more colours and can be a cure for sore eyes.



Design by Layers Studio for Design and Architecture


Using discarded scrap material to make masterpieces is nothing new. If you have an eye for some really cool interiors and are all about going green, this wall installation theme is for you. Old bike parts and machine spares can be combined to make some really amazing pieces for your walls. Contemporary settings with dark coloured walls and sleek interiors go great with machine parts. Bolts, nuts, and large gears can be made into a rather funky piece of art. Find a professional who specialises in this field and make your wall a wonder in your home!



Your walls are empty canvases, and you can do what you like with them. Decorate them the way you want to. They can be spaces that define a part of your home. We hope these designs inspired you to do something with your canvas. Watch this space for more design ideas!