With all the attention you pay to your clothes, it’s time to focus on the wardrobe. Here are a few fun ways to could experiment with your wardrobe to up the style factor, make it more efficient or just find that much needed change.

Light it Just Right!

Sources: (L) Pinterest (R) auniquechoice.co.uk


We have often caught ourselves struggling to find something in our wardrobes as they tend to disappear in the darkness of the room. But your wardrobe can (and should) have a light of its own. Here are a few ways you can charm the different sections of your wardrobes:


Have it light up automatically, as you open the door, by installing motion censor lights. Have a talk with your electrician to discuss feasibility and wiring issues. Most of the time, these are easy to install, and you can easily have an elegant hotel room touch and save energy at the same time!


If that’s too complicated for you, opt for strip lighting or LED lights, regulated by switches. The perfect choice if you want the control in your hands.


Move It!

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If you need a lot of storage space, it’s always nice to have a big wardrobe. But the stuff on the topmost shelf always becomes hard to access. To make this easier, consider using movable closet rails for your wardrobe.


They can be pushed all the way up when not needed and pulled outwardly down of the closet as per convenience. This way everything is compact, easily accessible and you’re using every inch of space available!


Bye Bye Smelly Cat!

It’s time to improve your wardrobe’s scent factor. Because come on, who wants to wake up to funny smelling wardrobes every morning? Use a container with coffee grounds to absorb foul odours in the closet. Make tiny holes to help expose the coffee beans to air. Switch out this can once a month to keep things fresh.

You can even spray your favourite perfume on some tissue paper. Once they dry up, line them beneath your clothes in the wardrobe. In no time, your wardrobe and clothes will be engulfed by your signature scent. If you have those old perfume bottles lying around that you never use, leave the cap off and stick the whole bottle in your sock drawer, and you’ll have a gentle aroma in there for months!


Safe and Steady!

As much as you enjoy decorating your wardrobe, keeping it safe is something you need to take care of as well, especially if you have young children or pets in your home. But instead of the mainstream lock and key system, you could go opt for any of these for your wardrobe :

Biometric locks – Finger print it away
Electronic locks – These let you control them with your smartphone’s bluetooth
Child proof baby safety locks – To keep your little one away from the wardrobe


Mirror Mirror on The Wardrobe!

Source: jalen.net


A little self obsession never did anyone much harm, right? To make your wardrobe all about you, how about you mirror such that you can check out your day’s ensemble right there?


Use one of the inner sides of the wardrobe door for your mirror or you could go all out and have the mirror replacing the regular wooden door.



Ready to give your wardrobes a new feel? Try out these tips and let us know it worked out for you! And, as always, watch this space for more makeover and home decor style tips!