Most of us like to curl up with a good book before bed, work  on our laptops with a cup of tea, or scroll through our phones till the wee hours of the morning. For all of these activities we sought to the comfort of our beds. Now, apart from reasons to do with health, it is uncomfortable to do any of those things lying down, which is why the world of design gave us— headboards! The function of a backrest with the comfort of a bed. It cannot get any better!


Royal Treatment 


(L) Design by (De)Code Architecture, (R) Design by Aahana Decor


It is surprising how many types of headboards are out there. If you love your bed, and find that you do your best work whilst all cozy and warm, a cushioned headboard is perfect for you! Cushioned headboards are comfortable and sturdy. They come in various sizes and designs. The finish can be leather, velvet, faux fur, or even just plain cloth! We won’t lie, maintaining a headboard is not easy. They need to be regularly cleaned and you need to ensure that your home is hygienic, otherwise tiny insects will make it their home. You can either buy a bed that has a cushioned headboard, or design your bedroom with a fully cushioned wall! 


Wood Works!

(L)Design by Design Concept, (R) Image Source:


Wooden headboards are the most common, we’ve all seen them before. They are elegant, and serve their purpose well. Wood works best because it is the easiest to maintain! If you are designing your own bed, you can make it very creative. Use different types of wood, or wooden shavings to get a textured finish. Or if you are simple, but like to make a statement, make your bedposts extra long and place a beautiful piece of art in between. That will make heads turn for sure!


Style Statement

Design by Group DCA


Now if you aren’t someone who uses a headboard but thinks that the wall over your bed could do with some style, you can go big! A large solid wood door is absolutely beautiful and what more do you need to raise the aesthetic appeal of the room. An added bonus of a pseudo headboard as grand as an intricately designed door is that you needn’t add anything else to the room. This one element will do it all for you. If you aren’t keen on keeping with the ethnic theme you can even pick modern furniture. From the windows to the walls, this piece of work will make your bedroom look like it was just picked out an old Indian folk tale!



Headboards are essential, both in terms of design and a lazy Sunday. There are countless designs and some really exciting ways to use them make your room look cozy and beautiful. Watch this space for more inspiration!