For Lalit Verma ananda or joy is something one should strive to attain in a living space. The only way to do that, according to him, is through the expression of one’s experience with an art form, be it a painting, sculpture or furniture.

Living Room

Paintings adorning the walls

An insightful and noted photographer, Lalit feels that the best things in life always happen effortlessly. Lalit’s three storied bungalow has curated artworks by noted names like M F Hussain and Yusuf Arakkal, among many others. His guest room is in itself an experience to attain a deep connection with original art forms.

The 7500 square feet bungalow has 7 bedrooms, each beautifully decorated with colonial vintage four poster beds, three seaters, tables and silk curtains.


The bench and the painting

The walls of each room speak volumes to an art lover. The intent and uniqueness of the décor are explained by Lalit as his attempt to create a centre for excellence where different forms of art and culture merge. Decorated with elegantly carved wooden borders and ceramic floral motif tiles, the high four poster beds have steps to climb up onto the bed. The stylish yet highly functional ottoman at the foot of the bed also serves as an additional bed as it can be opened out.

Four poster bed

Four poster bed


Floral motif tiles on the bed

The first floor of this 18-year-old bungalow has an open dining cum living area which houses many stone sculptures, ceramic ware, and antique furniture. I thought it was unusual that the dining table had wheels attached to help in easy movement. A small glass ceiling in the adjacent kitchen area provides ample amount of natural light into the room.

Living area on first floor

Living area on the first floor

Stone sculptures, paintings and antique furniture

Stone sculptures, paintings and antique furniture

Lalit’s philosophy is what breathes life into this home. He believes that most things in life are gifts. He has always been a connoisseur of art and aspires to bring harmony within the various art forms. Art is an internal and personal experience, meaning something different to each person. Lalit’s home is an expression of himself and his love for art. It is easy to get lost within the myriad colours and arts showcased in this home. Lalit’s original works of art ensure a bonus of meeting some of the finest musicians and folk artists who come to revel in the creative imagery. He hopes his home will inspire change and creativity in those who visit.

Lalit Varma

Lalit Verma

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