We love it when utility and style line up, don’t you? And what could be more utilitarian than the need to store things in the home. Whether it’s books, crockery, presents you hated but can’t throw away, or simply the endless odds and ends of a packrat, we always need a place to put extra things.



The chest is a pretty stylish way to add extra storage. It’s able to hold lots of things and easily moved around, while stylistically it can add a lovely vintage vibe to your home. To explore different ways to use a storage chest, Houzify put together some cool chest ideas for you. Take a look!





The easiest way to integrate a storage chest into a living room is to place it in front of your couch and use it as a tabletop! These chests by 8 Corners and The Yellow Door Store elegantly use chests as a centre of the living room space – a lovely place to start a conversation around. The addition of iron latches and embellishments also give these chests an antique-y touch!
Have a set of wheels set under the chest to make moving it around even more easily!





Every home has those nooks and crannys where an empty space needs to be filled up. A chest is perfect for that! Use a chest under a stairway like in Pamela Kapoor’s home, or in a corner behind the sofas like in Rachna Cariappa’s home!






The wood a chest is made of can make a big difference. Choosing hardwood, distressed wood or camphor wood gives you three different kinds of style statements! Hardwood says elegant, distressed wood in quirky colours adds an urban contemporary touch and camphor wood will fill your room with a refreshing aroma that’s really good for headaches and sinus problems!






Adding a sheet of glass on the top of a chest converts it into an elegant table! Though this makes it more difficult to access things kept inside the chest, it’s a good place to keep stuff you don’t need as often!



We hope you liked this collection on chest storage! If you’ve used a chest in your home, take a picture for us! And watch this space for more fun collections on home decor!