Not too many people think about their front doors until the very last moment. There are so many ready-made options available in the market with different options of size, appearance and functionality, choices can be hard to make. So what does one have to consider while picking out a front door?

Houzify chatted with a couple of experts for some insights.

One of the most commonly used materials is plywood. However, while plywood doors are reasonably priced and come with colourful vinyl textured stickers, they are not very durable and never recommended by experts. Burma Teakwood and Rosewood, on the other hand, are not only sturdy but also easy to carve on.



Carved door from Mahalsa Designer Doors


Vishwanath R. Nayak, Marketing Manager at Bangalore-based Mahalsa Designer Doors, suggests that carved doors always work best depending on how the front door is placed.

“For a villa in a gated community, keeping safety in mind in addition to appearance, hard wood always works best,” he ensures.

Intricately carved wooden doors do tend to catch dust more often, so it does matter which side the door faces. Apartment doors are easier to maintain, but for people in villas in highly polluted areas, Vishwanath suggests using decorated doors only in pooja rooms or other interior spaces.



Beautiful carved doors with inlay from Mahalsa


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Vishwanath explains, “Each customer has different taste relating to raw material, finish, design and size, and varying decisions give different customers completely unique products. A highly decorated door would take around 25 days to complete, depending on how many people are working on the door. We also apply a special coating on the door in order to make it scratch proof.”

The biggest challenge while shopping for a door is timing. People do not realise how much time it actually takes to design a door according to their personal taste.




Sreejith Sukumaran of Kota Wood Boutique in Indiranagar offers a more contemporary choice for the modern shopper. The simpler designs are modern and require less maintenance. Ready-made doors in hardwood are a good choice for people looking for simple designs. He points out that people often tend to worry about cost, but while engineered doors are cheaper, in terms of strength and durability nothing can beat hardwood.


Reshmi R, Architect and Interior Designer at Kota Wood Boutique suggests teakwood, rosewood and mahogany as some of the best choices for a front door. The ready-made options may be limited in terms of door sizes, but getting a door custom designed can yield better results.

Her advice to homeowners: “The main thing would be to get the concept right, whether you want traditional, modern or contemporary. I would suggest the hard, solid wood. It is the best in terms of safety and flexibility in designs.”

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