Home owner: Clifton Afonso
Location: Panaji, Goa
Type: Villa, Home Stay
Styles: Portuguese, Colonial

Clifton Afonso loves travelling and wherever he goes he comes back with an experience that he likes to showcase at his home. Located in Goa’s Fontainhas or old Latin Quarters in Panaji, Afonso’s 250 year old property is built in a typical Portuguese style.


Clifton admits to knowing very little about the previous owners of the property. When it was bought by his family 29 years ago, it required several months of renovations to fix 4 of the 8 rooms in this large villa. It was only in 2004 that he managed to redo all the interiors to convert the house it into a quaint home stay.

“We did require an architect and engineer but we did all the interiors on our own. It was very simple and basic.” insists Clifton.

He had all the original interiors removed and redone, including the flooring, but the external walls were retained to maintain the heritage value of the property. He had paint custom made for the outside walls. The walls inside were plastered by hand, to create uneven patterns and textures.

Different textures created by hand!

Different textures created by hand!

“The space really reflects my personality. I love the European-Tuscany style and syncing that with our Goan atmosphere.”, says Clifton, about his villa-turned-homestay.

Authentic mother of pearl windowpanes and doors give the typical Portuguese charm to the whole house and floorings tiles carry Azulejos floral motifs. Authentic wooden antique furniture and decor compliments the unique floors and painted walls. The steps going up to the terrace are flanked by huge windows and quirky curios from Clifton’s vast travel experiences. The terrace itself is done up with unique mosaic flooring and Clifton’s favourite plants.
All the rooms were designed with similar structure, but different design elements; various things that Clifton picked up during his travels. Even the drift wood at the entrance was teamed with flowers he had picked up on a trip to Thailand.

One of the 8 quaint bedrooms in this homestay

One of the 8 quaint bedrooms in this homestay

Clifton is a constantly redesigning and redecorating his home. “This place may not look the same the next time you come. I keep adding something or subtract something!” he said excitedly.

 When asked what the most important thing about designing was, he answered:
“Designers do a great job, but a home is your personal space, so most of the time it is about truly listening to yourself and creating something that really makes you feel at home. I think one has to trust their own voice.”