Residents: Bindhu and Vasu
Location: BTM Layout, Bangalore
Type: Penthouse Apartment
Styles: Ethnic, Contemporary

Some homes are special because of who lives in them, some thanks to a unique way in which they were built, and some more still by virtue of a distinctive lifestyle reflected through design. Rarely does one come across all three in the same space, but the combination of architects Guru Prasanna & Deepa Suriyaprakash and home owners Bindhumalini Narayanaswamy & Vasu Dixit gave us exactly that!

Vasu and Bindhumalini, at their home in Bangalore

Vasu and Bindhumalini at their home in Bangalore

Bindhu describes Guru as the genius behind this incredibly unique home. She says that Guru used every surface of the house like a canvas to “see how different materials would hold up”. And indeed, every section of wall, floor and ceiling is made of a different material and texture – splattered paint texture, wood, tile, putty, even strips of iron running across the floor.

Surfaces of wood, tile, putty and more!

Surfaces of wood, tile, putty and more!

As soon as we walked in, we knew this was going to be an impressive house. Ducking through an open doorway, and up a flight of stairs, we realized that this is no everyday door. It is pushed up to be opened and closed by yanking down a massive counterweight on the other side. Goodbye, doorknobs!

The living area has floor seating, comfortable cushions and a large bookshelf. This leads into a simple, open kitchen where Vasu makes his famous chai every day. The open space in front of the kitchen has been designed as a dining/study space. A collapsible table and a folding desk allows them to use the space according to the need or the mood of the day. The bedroom is in a loft area above the study, accessible through a large wooden ladder. Vasu says he loves collapsible furniture – anything adaptable and versatile!

A small corridor leads into a long open wardrobe, and straight into the bathroom. Unique, efficient and just the right amount of quirky!

The house is filled with artwork, trinkets and keepsakes – a painting of Vasu’s favourite artists, gifts from artist friends like Srivi Kalyan and Vilas Nayak and even a string of drawings done by Bindhu’s niece and nephew.

Stepping out of the house leads into a terrace garden. Yet another unique wall was made using long bamboo stacked one above the other and nailed into the wall. Rows of hooks were installed along the floor and the ceiling. The idea was to tie ropes from top to bottom and grow gentle creepers over them, creating a cozy enclosed space on the terrace.

Terrace garden with bamboo walls!

Terrace garden with bamboo walls!

Both technical expert and creative designer, Guru designed this house such that every inch of space was efficiently used. This resulted in a home that is unconventionally shaped, but surprisingly spacious and adaptable; perfect for the artist couple, Bindhu and Vasu.

When asked how they knew this was the perfect home for them, Bindhu candidly said, “It just felt right. We didn’t plan the house. We planned ourselves according to the house!”

Looked pretty right to us!