Home owner: Anirban and Soni
Location: Hennur, Bangalore
Type: 3 Bedroom Apartment
Styles: Contemporary, Urban


Every now and then we come across a home that is just effortlessly artistic. Soni and Anirban did this penthouse apartment up without any interior designer, for themselves and their two young children. Taking inspiration and ideas from sources like Inside Outside magazine and BBC homes, the couple describes themselves as being “in a tearing hurry to move in” when they were doing up their new home.

living room - edit

The living-dining area is characterized by a contemporary style – large planters, bold colours on the walls, upholstery and lampshades, and carefully curated paintings on the walls. Soni, who used to run an art gallery, has a deep love of original Indian art and has filled her house with some of her favourite pieces. Her favourite, she says, is a painting by Paritosh Sen. “The expression on the face seems to change according to my mood. Every day, it looks a little different.” Tid bits from their travels around the world fill up every nook and cranny in this 3-bedroom apartment.

The furniture in their home is from a variety of places – from antique stores and distress sales to online shopping – but fits together seamlessly. The solid dining table with its elegant high-backed chairs immediately caught our eye, as did the distressed wood cabinet from Urban Ladder. Another stunner was the antique bookshelf in the study; bought from an antique dealer, but redone with glass and polished for their home.

furniture - edit

(L) Cabinet from Urban Ladder (R) Antique bookshelf

Anirban’s interests in movies and jazz are reflected in the several posters around the house – in his study, in the corridors, the stairwell and in the cozy TV space on the second floor. Rather than buy posters, Anirban likes to pick up originals and collectibles from his travels. Some remarkable posters adorn the walls, including one of Thelonius Monk, one full aerial view of Central Park, some Chinese posters by a street artist, and posters of his favourite movies.

The bedrooms are elegant and spacious. The master and guest bedrooms feature more paintings and teakwood furniture, while the kids’ room is decorated with hand made cutouts of The Minions; leftovers from a themed birthday party last year!

Colourful master bedroom

Colourful master bedroom

But our favourite feature had to be the two open balconies and the terrace space right on top. The downstairs balcony is perfect for a lazy Saturday with a good book. It is done up with planters, creepers hanging off the upstairs balcony, and a comfy rocking chair with a large lantern above it. The other balcony and the terrace were done with the help of My Sunny Balcony, using their characteristic, cheerful wall planters to brighten up the space.


As Soni says, so aptly: “Home represents a journey through life. Not just a pretty corner. An interior designer couldn’t capture the personal touch.”
This wasn’t a home designed to a specific theme, colour palette or catalogue style. This is a home integrated perfectly to fit the people who live in it, and isn’t that the best kind? We think so!