Home owners: Arati and Sundaresh
Location: Sarjapur Road, Bangalore
Type: Bungalow
Styles: Urban-Ethnic, Chic, Contemporary

Tucked away from Bangalore’s busy commercial areas is Arati and Sundaresh’s home, Temple Bells, cordoned off by trees in the most serene and location. The well-mowed lawn has a stone footpath that trails towards the front door. An original antique bell hangs on the side of the door, reflecting the couple’s love for art and culture.

Traditional bell at the entrance of Arati and Sundaresh's home.

Traditional bell at the entrance of Arati and Sundaresh’s home.

The two insisted that their home interiors were simple, but artistic in design. Right from the bar unit in the living room to the garden the paintings and sculptures on display and even the pooja room, each has designated area that does not obstruct any other part of the house. Arati’s love for art is reflected throughout the interiors. Her purple, magenta and red upholstery brightens up the traditional antique furniture in the living room. The glass and terracotta tiled roof that covers the living room, garden and dining areas provides natural light into the major part of the house.


The natural light in the centre adds calmness to the space. A meditating sculpture of Buddha sits in the garden and a traditional wooden pillar breaks the open passage towards the dining area and backyard. A spiral staircase opens into a narrow foyer and leads to a hidden pooja room.


Though the open space, the different parts of the home are demarkated by different colours. Red and yellow define the backyard – done up with a conventional wooden door and idol. Through different parts, floorings change from marble, to wood and tiles.

The only spaces where Arati and Sundaresh broke away from the traditional designs were in the kitchen and bathroom which are done up in a contemporary blue and red.

Contemporary styles and colours in the kitchen and bathroom!

Contemporary styles and colours in the kitchen and bathroom!

A wall behind the garden serves as a private living room area cleverly concealed from the rest of the space. A guest room is also tucked away behind the partition.

This couple prefers simple lines and traditional Indian home decor to any other kind of style. This helped them provide an open space for their art collections, and what resulted, was a truly artistic home!