Amit Heri’s home has the most unexpected of interiors. Bohemian in its soul, it is all about comfort and expression. A frequent traveller with a career in yoga and music, Amit’s home details who he is and what his passions are. The open-style studio apartment, located at Jayamahal in Bangalore, is quite ideal for the Airbnb concept. The natural light flowing in through the tall glass windows on either side brightens the interior with its cool blue walls and pops of bright colour. The dark wooden flooring and rustic furniture bring balance to the décor.

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The home has minimal furniture, but I concede, whatever it has is uniquely striking! The vintage red cabinet decorated with hand painted mogul style art in the foyer and the ceiling-high mirror unit with the dull green drawer are definitely one of a kind.

The open space has been cleverly converted into different areas that flow into each other. A frosted glass slider cupboard and its loft cupboards separate the living and sleeping areas. The low wrought iron seater, with its bright yellow cushions, accompany a rustic low table to constitute the simple seating area. A large yet exquisite antique four poster bed teamed up with a leather recliner constitute the sleeping quarters. The bedside lamp, with its metallic shade, is a piece of iridescent art in itself.

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What would really intrigue a visitor would be the wall décor – some flea market picks and other eclectics. A beautiful thangka painting presides over the entrance and it is the sky blue in this painting that sets the colour scheme for the interior. Adjacent to the sliding cupboard is an unexpected red door to the bathroom with a beautiful warli peacock painted in white. The blue continues into the bathroom with the light aqua mosaic walls in the shower area and cobalt blue tiles on the floor. The shiny Indian steel bucket and tall dark wicker basket create a unique stylishness.

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The kitchen occupies a portion of an open balcony. Though the ceiling is rustic and thatched with bamboo poles, the kitchen is pretty much modern in every sense of the word with a front-loading washing machine, a microwave, and a small round glass dining table. Another part of the balcony, with its white river pebbles on the floor, has been converted into a clothes-drying area.

Amit’s inspiration for music and meditation speaks throughout his quaint studio apartment that defines his individuality and creativity.

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