Having worked in Saudi Arabia for several years, Edgar Pinto decided to relocate to his home town in Fort Kochi in 2004. He soon invested in properties rich in Indo-Dutch heritage and began converting his new buildings into masterpieces. To make this possible Edgar also brought in German architect, Karl Damschen who was well noted for his restoration work.

Picket fence and vegetation covering the facade of the villa.

Picket fence and vegetation covering the facade of the villa

While restoration work continued on his heritage homes in Fort Kochi, Edgar Pinto also made time to design and decorate some of his properties on his own. Raintree is one of Edgar’s most unconventional living spaces, designed entirely by him.

Edgar says that he finds natural light and greenery crucial to creating a healthy home space. The verdure facade and brown picket fence took me by surprise; not something one sees every day. Not too wild, with just the right amount of greenery, it adds just the right touch.

The living room is decorated with a three-seater, wooden, vintage bench for visitors and a coffee table with semicircular chairs for a more personal tête à tête. A wooden cupboard and a set of drawers below the staircase provide ample storage space.


The 5-bedroom house has vintage-style beds and antique decor. A stunning antique window decorates the wall leading up the stairs and traditional masks sourced from all over the country add character to each room. Classic reclining chairs with interesting tiled work on the backrests and traditionally woven Rattan work are placed in each bedroom.

Masks-2 copy

Tinted green and orange frosted glass on the bathroom doors give the room an elegant feel. Blue glass bottles and paintings add a splash of colour to the classic brown of the interiors.

Vintage style bedrooms with splashes of colour

Vintage style bedrooms with splashes of colour

Raintree, also listed under Airbnb as a guesthouse, has a captivating mix of colour that brings a fine balance into the interiors or a warm, beautiful space.

Edgar Pinto

Edgar Pinto

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