Home Owner: Kumaresh Sekaran
Location: Indiranagar, Bangalore
Type: Villa
Styles: Earthy, Sustainable Living

The Dwar residence really exudes designer and homeowners Kumaresh and Chetana Sekaran’s personality. Located in Indiranagar, Bangalore, everything about this home says earthy, rustic and eco-friendly. A graduate of NIT, Trichy and a Master’s in Sustainable Architecture from the University of Arizona, Kumaresh designed his home within an area of around 700 square feet.


A very simply designed space put together by DwarEcoDesign, the ground floor of the villa has a living room, a dining area, an open kitchen, and a small bathroom. French windows at the entrance and tilted frosted window-panes brighten up the whole space.

living room

Tilted window panes brightening up a lovely living room!

A real eye catcher is the metal staircase against a bright orange wall on the side, which also serves as a bookshelf.

Staircase and bookshelf!

Staircase and bookshelf!

Kumaresh’s eccentricity and love for nature led him to create a glass ceiling viewed from the bottom of the stairs with hanging oversized metal bee sculptures. He liked the idea of having the bees blend in with the view of the trees as one looks towards the windows. But the real ingenuity is in the idea to trap hot air from the ground floor by allowing it to travel to the top window ceiling and escape through an inconspicuous wind turbine!


The bedrooms, located on the 1st floor are simple and comfortable, with French windows that open into a short garden patch. An open garden terrace has been converted into a small party area along with a hanging wooden table bar and garden furniture. Playing with different textures, the walls are either rough cement with patterns or smoothened out. Loose stone pebbles on the floor break the regularity of the room. The bathrooms, though small, have large frosted windows, angled to provide space and natural light.

The 2nd floor is also a bedroom with a secret attic accessible only by a metal ladder. The little hideaway is painted white with round windows, decorated with recycled glass bottles and quirky metal sculptures.


Kumaresh’s signature style has also been translated in the homes he has designed for many of his clients. Look out for more of his home-designs on Houzify!