Once in a while, we come across a home that perfectly balances the stylish and the homely. Manjul Manjeshwar’s beautiful Bangalore villa does exactly that, with it’s high ceilings, leather furniture and broad staircase, pitted against cozy reading corners, warm brick walls and art pieces.


High ceilings, brick walls and a staircase embellished with little coloured tiles makes for a warm entrance into the bungalow.


The Manjeshwars purchased their property back in 1999, and started building it from scratch with the help of an architect, an interior designer, and a team of carpenters. “I still like changing small things every now and then,” says Mrs. Manjeshwar.


Simple, clean lines.


The home radiates an elegant charm as a result of the minimalistic, functional, and traditional design of the space. “We did not want it to be too modern. We wanted it to look earthy and simple. Even the upholstery is leather. It used to be cotton, but we realised cotton is prone to catching dust, and we also have dogs in the house, so leather was a better option.” Apart from the primary sofa set in the living room, there are plenty of hand-picked single chairs and stools set around the house that not only serve the purpose of providing seating arrangement, but also add to the stylization of the space.


Leather couches – cozy, natural and pet friendly!


The elongated living room has couches set up overlooking a beautiful open courtyard, the highlight of this stunning villa.
“My favourite spot is the living room; you can see the courtyard from there. For everybody who comes home too, I think the seating area sets a ground-work for what the rest of the place is like.”


Living room, looking out into a gorgeous courtyard


High ceilings, and large windows and doors make the house spacious and provide for ample natural light and ventilation; pastel coloured walls in contrast with the wooden furniture enhances the sense of space; and a highlight brick-finish wall decorated with a myriad of antique and chic mirrors instantly adds an oomph factor.



The bedrooms, like the rest of the house, are subtle and neatly oriented. Customized woodwork elevates the aesthetic appeal and seamlessly builds the personality of the space. The kitchen is open and the cabinets are efficiently organized for storage of utilities and crockery. On the upper level, led by a luxurious staircase, is a workstation and bookshelves. A lounge with a cottage piano nestled in one corner could serve as an ideal reading spot.


“We didn’t plan on having a piano there, but my daughter started learning to play, and that seemed like the best place to put it.”


Cozy musical corner!


An intelligent assortment of warm lamps and ceiling lights drives the classic magnetism of the Manjeshwar home to the heart, along the myriad paintings, tokens, and figurines that add subtle grace to the look.



With a home like this, we can’t imagine why they’d ever leave. The cliché goes: Home is where the heart is. That couldn’t be truer, than here.