‘We don’t believe in moving to a new place and replicating the one you left behind. Where’s the fun in that?’ These words, spoken by Andrew Fisher, are the motto followed by Nidhi-Mehul, the beautiful couple whose home I got a chance to visit. ‘The transition from our former minimalistic white home to a vibrant vintage kissed one has doubled my experience and satiated my creative soul,’ says Nidhi in her new home at Ghatkopar, Mumbai.

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Living room

Their 12th floor home enthrals me with an eagle’s view of the cityscape. As soon as I enter, I am struck by the 13-foot-high ceiling, its vibrant green floral pattern demanding my attention. The novelty of using the usually untapped ceiling to set the tone of the décor fascinates me. This is the second time she has ventured into decorating a home, she tells me, and so felt more confident to experiment while doing up her own home.

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Eat Pray Love – Dining Area

She has paired the ceiling tones with complementary earthy olive green in the dining area and off-white in the living. A pair of golden lotuses hanging beside an antique wooden swing artistically binds this décor together. It is a creative and very pleasing mix of vintage and ethnic that defines this home.

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Golden Lotuses

The couple’s favourite space is their theatre room, which is one of the bedrooms of the home. It even has its own set of recliner chairs – a dream come true for any movie buff homeowner! The room also houses a fairy-light-lit-plank for their bar, matched with two absolutely eclectic high-backed bright orange chairs. Nidhi and Mehul adore the space and the quality time they spend in this hideaway within their home: a place for a romantic glass of wine shared or a match with the boys.

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Home Theatre Room

The room of their baby, Kish, thankfully strays away from the norm of pink and blue. A bright room that uses primary colours, it is accentuated by the smart, striped wallpaper on the ceiling, a string of colourful car stickers on the wall and cute glass bottle stickers on the window panes. Nidhi has made sure that everything in this room can be easily and economically replaced as Kish grows. But the absolute winner –  the blue gel floor tiles and the magnetic wall. So creatively engaging for a kid!

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Kish’s room

Nidhi cites her greatest challenge to be using her old furniture to suit her new home décor. It worked out well for her as all the expenses saved by doing up her own home were spent on wallpaper, soft furnishing and accessories. For her, the most brilliant way to decorate a home, which is both economical and eco-friendly, is reduce, reuse and recycle!

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