Home owner: Suma Radheshyam
Location: Jayanagar, Bangalore
Type: Bungalow
Styles: Ethnic, Contemporary

Making the most of a small space is challenging, especially in a residential area. But Suma Radheshyam wanted the works – a garden space, natural light, fountain and even a sauna! So, Kumeresh Sekeran of Dwar Ecodesign came to the rescue and he designed the home to make sure that Suma got her dream home!

Suma's home in Jayanagar, Bangalore

Suma’s home in Jayanagar, Bangalore

A big fan of Raja Ravi Varma, Suma has a couple of stunning prints framed and displayed. The living room is lit up with S. L. Haldankar’s “Glow of Hope” alongside rustic stone walls. Also displayed are a gramophone player and wooden antique furniture that Suma has been collecting for several years. A miniature pebble garden with planters decorates the passage underneath the staircase and a tiled glass ceiling with a hanging wooden chandelier amply lights all 3 floors of the bungalow.

During renovations, the wall separating the kitchen and dining room was torn down to create an open kitchen. A wooden pooja mantle with traditional Rajasthani carving adorns one side of the dining area.

Rajasthani pooja

(L) Rajasthani pooja mantle and (R) Open kitchen

Wooden steps lead to the master bedroom and a study area, next to a beautiful and peaceful mini garden sit out.

(L) Study and (R) Garden sit out

(L) Study and (R) Garden sit out

On the 2nd floor is Suma’s personal space – her gym and sauna done up in rustic tiles; a unique addition, especially for a bungalow of this size. A small terrace provides the right space for a personal get together. Round glass windows with metal artwork add a modern touch to the traditional home.

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