Home Owner: Thora & Faizal
Location: Fort Kochi
Type: Villa
Style: Traditional, Heritage



Determined to the feel of old Indian heritage, Thora and Faizal revamped an old Malayali villa in Fort Kochi with modern amenities. Adding both contemporary and traditional elements, the villa provides privacy, ventilation and natural light all around the property.




Tucked away in the middle of Fort Kochi’s rumbling streets and bi-lanes, stands an elegant and authentic but modernised Malayali home. Re-designed by home owners Thora and Faizal, the heritage property has been converted into a home stay.




The original sit out area of the old house was retained, providing relief from Fort Kochi’s sweltering coastal weather.

Going oriental again with designs, the cushion covers were heavily embroidered and teamed up with antique chairs.




The courtyard located behind the villa opens into a cobblestone garden and dining area.




Bird sculptures decorate the cobbled garden area. Thora, a devoted yogi, had a cemented sit out made around a tree where she could meditate every morning.




The backyard also has a long flight of stairs that lead to the sit out. Thora and Faizal went with wood and tiles all the way.




Sticking with warm colours, Thora and Faizal had the living room walls painted a textured red teamed with wood and wicker furniture.




The duo has used mostly warm colours in the master bedroom and made sure there was natural light from all around. The room has an interesting mix of traditional and modern elements, such as the bright red recliner and contemporary styled lotus ceiling lamp.




Hand painted wall art decorated the private seating area. Very romantic, wouldn’t you say?




The athangudi floor tiles flow from the bedroom in to the restroom and a little sit out – perfect for some afternoon tea. Sticking to very simple lines, the restroom has a mix of traditional Indian and Japanese designs, such as the traditional uruli modified into a washbasin and the geometric table made from blocks of wood.



In a world moving more and more towards modern ideas and aesthetics, this home was a refreshing take on restoration. It is possible to integrate modern amenities with traditional design after all! :)