Tastefully coordinated, eclectic but not esoteric: Neha Jigar Doshi’s home in Santacruz, Mumbai is a reflection of herself and her husband, Jigar – a perfect marriage of colour and monochromes. It’s young and wise, at the same time. In a tete-a-tete with Neha, I decode her home décor, explore quaint corners and understand how this house became a gorgeous home.

ND Living e

Living Room

On entering Neha’s home, I was struck by a beautiful mix of colours that seem to pop out against a white backdrop. Her living room accommodates her dining area – a focal point with its ochre tufted headboard, funky orange pendants, whitewashed exposed brick wall and a fabulous dining table showcasing Neha’s collection of coasters from her travels – this corner is her favourite too.

ND Dining e

Dining Area

“I’m a true Aries woman – hyper from head to my li’l toe, and among my many interests are dancing, striking conversations with everyone and travelling to suffice my greed for novelty.” Neha’s zest for life shines through instantly as you step in.

Intrigued by her coaster collection, I ask her how it came together.

“We have been collecting coasters from the numerous eateries we visit and used to pin them to a soft board in our bedroom. We couldn’t imagine giving it up when we shifted, but Jigar came up with the idea to have the entire collection placed under the glass top of our dining table! It’s like my coasters found their own home! The table accommodates a slit that can be pulled out each time we wish to add to our collection.”

It’s always the little things collected with love that makes a home. And to understand what went into making this stunning space, I ask her about what influences her.

ND Wall Art 1 e ND Wall Art 2 e

“I feel colours and always wanted a home with lots of nuevo colours like yellow, royal blue and purple; not traditional crèmes or browns! My style is downright eclectic. But then, my husband’s favourite colours are white and black; his style is minimalistic and modern. Though our styles are at loggerheads, over time our own unique style has emerged.” It’s almost magical how a home reveals so much about those who live there.

ND Dressing e


Just have a look at this beautiful zen corridor with its simple overhead geometric brass pendant! Designed by Vidhi Chaudhary, a professional interior designer and also Neha’s sister-in-law, the interiors of the home are simple and graceful. Neha describes Vidhi, “She was a catalyst in giving us fresh ideas, novel concepts, hidden utility pockets, and aesthetic choices within a very affordable budget.”

ND Zen Corridor e

Zen Corridor

Moving towards the master bedroom, you’re immediately struck by its smart wallpaper with a varied frame design, in which they have put up cherished photos. Ample lighting is provided with the use of warm and cold light bulbs in a fitting that provides a splash of colour.

ND Bedroom e


Neha has added pops of colour through the décor, keeping the base colour same yet treating it differently. White is predominantly used throughout the house – the milky white walls in one bedroom, white PU on furniture in the other, and the distressed white furniture in the living room.

ND Living White Furniture e

Distressed white furniture

I ask her what she considers her décor mantra. “My ultimate décor mantra – take time to fill your home because it would soon be your temple. Wait and wait till you find what you have been looking for. Don’t rush in.” A piece of advice that we think we should all bookmark!