I stood outside a red bricked house, mildly confused. I rechecked the address to confirm if it was the right location. Google maps assured me, and I walked into Houzify’s office. I was raring to meet all the new people I was going to spend part of my summer vacation with. At the same time, I was apprehensive about the fact that I would look stupid in front of these super-smart start-up guys.

Fortunately, I had no expectations. I just wanted to accept whatever came my way and do it so good that I looked a little intelligent to these guys! In the process, I hoped that at age 15, I would understand my capabilities and interests better. I had no future plans and this, I believed would help me make choices. Contrary to my beliefs, this one month turned out to be a lot more than just understanding my abilities. I’ll tell you why.

I sat in a room with 25-year-olds around me. The atmosphere was rather lively and cheerful at all times. These people worked real close, helping one another in delivering the goods on time. Teamwork was a great aspect of their work and this amazed me. I knew then that I stand to learn a lot from these guys in next 30 days than I had thought.

Guna’s high spirits and a cool temperament keep the people together and motivated. Chintan, on the other hand, has a lot to share and teach about the world of marketing. Siddhant, with his unique interests, leaves everyone amazed. Akshay, the chief of happiness, never fails at lightning the mood. Surabhi’s creative instincts will leave you astonished and Mridula’s professional streak is something to admire. Quick with her thoughts, Deviyani works for what she wants. Adam with his Irish ancestors has a lot of stories to tell. Helpful and sweet is how one can describe Aayushi. Thanks to Shailesh for encouraging me to share my experience and write about these new wonderful people I met.

I am glad I didn’t waste my summer vacations sitting at home. This one month was one of the most inspiring for me. I know that one day, Houzify will become a very large company that Google would want to buy for some Billion $s, but the founders will not sell. Then I’ll be able to proudly say, I was “Chotu” the intern there!

– Anvita Nigam

On the last day :)

On the last day :)