“So, how was this year like for you?”
Hearing this question, we find ourselves going down the memory lane, looking back at the good and the not-so-good things that happened. It is a funny thing – these memories. How they make us relive each moment, stopping at some of those extra special ones for a little longer.
So today, in the same retrospective mood, we ended up reading our Houzify Diaries, living all the stories once again and cherishing all the beautiful times we had.
It was a good year. We’re excited for 2016. But first, here are our top 5 moments from our diaries of 2015 :)

A Lakeside Home of Homes

An artist, musician and an interior design junkie, Carlton Braganza is probably one of the most interesting combinations we’ve met in a person. And so is his home. From ethnic to Goan, pastel shades to bold gold, red and metallic, this house deserves a visit.

19th Floor Haven

Looking at Anjali’s house on the 19th floor of Mumbai’s Prabha Devi, we realized that it is possible for multiple personalities, tastes and styles to co-exist as one in a beautiful manner. This home built on memories tells a lovely story of the family’s travels, experiences and love.

5 things to transform your home in a weekend

When it comes to our homes, our favourite corners are those that we’ve created on our own – souvenirs from our trips around the world, photographs of our memories. Here, we had 5 amazing ways for you to put it all together. Go ahead, make good use of the holiday season!

5 adorable Indian living rooms

Sometimes, we all require a good dose of inspiration that can motivate us into action. These lovely living rooms did just that. And so we’re sharing those with you. Maybe, they’ll inspire you to enter the new year by giving a new look to your home!

DIY Diwali Decor in under 30 minutes

As is the case during every festive season, in all the hustle bustle of meeting relatives and friends and shopping for the occasions, we tend to leave the decorations of our homes to the last minute. Which is why this decor idea – super quick and super fun to do – features in our list of top 5!

Hope you’ve enjoyed being a part of this journey with us. Here’s wishing you all a happy 2016 :)
See you next year! #BadJokeAlert

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